Teen Ambassadors

Through instructor-led group activities and hands-on experiences, participants in this program will learn about the diverse marine life along our coat and how to take an active role in protecting species and habitats. Teen Ambassadors, led by Aquarium staff, will meet twice a month for a program that will inspire a sense of wonder, while building and strengthening relationships with like-minded youth.
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Owl & Raptor Partner

Among the Aquarium’s most popular programs are educational encounters with live birds like owls and hawks. The Aquarium maintains a small number of these protected animals who serve as ambassadors to teach visitors about predation, food webs, and human threats to their species and habitat. Our Partners help support housing, feeding and veterinarian care for these birds.
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Entry Gardens

Visitors to the Aquarium always marvel at the lush garden landscapes that surround the facility. In particular, the entry gardens receive special attention from full-time horticulturist Gwendy Womble, who does a great job of planting and caring for a wide variety of native and non-native species. These gardens enrich the visitor experience and are part of what makes PKS so attractive.
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Other Available Projects:

Pine Knoll Shores

Named Internships
Children’s Books
Fish Nurseries

Exhibit sponsors ($5,000 level and above) are recognized with naming plaques adjacent to their sponsored feature, along with permanent recognition on the Aquariums’ Donor Exhibits — displayed at all three Aquariums.

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The NC Aquarium Society is a 501c3 charitable organization (Tax ID# 56-1512990) and receives all gifts on behalf of the NC Aquariums and Jennette’s Pier.

The NC Aquariums are a division of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.