Children’s Books

Children’s Books

The North Carolina Aquarium Society recently partnered with Unite for Literacy to create a collection of five children’s books that focus on a few of the conservation efforts that our organization has led. These books will be distributed in various ways, through print and digital formats, to engage families in our community and throughout the world.

Communicating a message about our conservation efforts is a vital part of protecting our aquatic treasures and inspiring future generations. What better way to share these stories with families than through engaging picture books?

Our printed books will be used for:

  • Community engagement events

  • On-site distribution at the Aquariums

  • Off-site distributions to local schools and non profits

Sponsorship of this program will support a print run of 10,000 children’s books (2,000 copies of each title). The sponsor will be recognized on the inside front cover of each book. Additionally, named recognition is provided on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums




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