Fish Nurseries

Fish Nurseries

Visitors to the Aquariums marvel at the diversity of fishes swimming in public habitats and behind the scenes. Some of those fishes come from the wild to be raised and cared for by Aquarium staff. New technologies allow aquarists to hatch and grow fish from eggs retrieved from their aquarium habitats. These specialized in-house “Fish Nurseries” raise young fishes for the Aquariums, thus reducing impact on wild populations.

The North Carolina Aquariums useMOLARS (Modular Larval Rearing Systems) as a conservation measure to grow some of their own young fish. Developed in collaboration with Roger Williams University, New England Aquarium, Carteret Community College and the Institute for Museum and Library Services, these systems allow staff to raise blue-striped grunts from eggs. In the coming years the Aquarium hopes to raise additional species.

Each MOLARS system uses large cylinder tanks and a round central screen. The water flow allows food to remain in with the young fish, called fry, but doesn’t risk trapping the fry against the sides. Though the systems are not on display in the Aquariums’ public galleries, they are an important stop on every Behind-the-Scenes Tour.

Sponsorship of one MOLARS Fish Nursery is for ten years. The sponsor will be recognized with appropriate signage at the nursery location. Additionally, named recognition will be provided on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums..




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