Owl & Raptor Partner


Among the Aquarium’s most popular programs are educational encounters with live birds like owls and hawks. The Aquarium maintains a small number of these protected animals who serve as ambassadors to teach visitors about predation, food webs, and human threats to their species and habitat. Our Partners help support housing, feeding and veterinarian care for these birds.

Owl & Raptor Partners help support the ongoing care and feeding of these important program animals. The Aquarium’s bird collection is an essential part of the education and conservation programming that is so popular with schools, camps, other youth groups and the visiting public.

Veterinarian Dr. Emily Christiansen treats one of the Aquarium’s owls as part of her routine visits.

  • A variety of birds, including owls, hawks, vultures, pelicans and sun conures are part of the program.

  • The Aquarium’s owls and hawks were once injured and rehabilitated but are non-releasable.

  • Programs featuring the birds are among the outreach offerings for schools and camps.

Sponsorship of this program has a term of five years. The sponsor will be recognized with appropriate signage at Big Rock Theater. Additionally, named recognition is provided on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums.




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