Solar Panels


When Jennette’s Pier was rebuilt in 2011, it was one of the first Platinum LEED-certified state-owned buildings in North Carolina. This designation was due in part to the pier’s resource conservation and energy capabilities, notably the three distinctive wind turbines that generate nearly a quarter of the pier’s energy needs. A new array of solar panels will further reduce the pier’s dependence on traditional energy and teach visitors about green power.

Over the last decade, the technologies involved in producing solar panels has improved significantly, and the cost of installation has declined, making solar much more efficient and affordable. The pier is already viewed as a demonstration site for sustainable construction and green energy, and adding solar will make it an icon for 21st century energy for the East Coast.

Jennette’s Pier was proud to receive a coveted Platinum LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council in 2011.

  • NC State University’s Clean Energy Technology Center recommends adding a 50kW dc photo-voltaic array to two existing roof structures and a covered entrance walkway.

  • The addition of solar panels will double the pier’s energy producing capabilities

  • You can track the pier’s energy generation and consumption here!

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