Lionfish is a new 400-gallon saltwater aquarium that features six to eight exotic lionfish, displayed in the newly-renovated saltwater gallery. The exhibit is viewed from three sides, offering close-up views of these beautiful but venomous tropical fishes. Lionfish are invasive, and began showing up off the North Carolina coast less than twenty years ago.

The Lionfish exhibit offers a close-up view of these beautiful exotic fishes that actually threaten offshore reef fish populations in our state. Lionfish are not native to the Atlantic, but were imported from the Indopacific and are popular in the home aquarium trade. It’s possible that many were accidently released into Florida waters during Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and with that introduction they are now year-round residents along the coast.

The boney fin rays of the lionfish contain a venom which though painful, is rarely lethal in humans. Scuba divers or fishermen who mishandle lionfish may suffer extreme pain, dizziness, swelling, nausea, and numbness.

  • Lionfish is a new 400-gallon exhibit in the saltwater gallery.

  • The exhibit features a decorative shipwreck-themed insert and 6-8 fish.

  • Visitors can safely view the animals from three viewing windows.

  • The Aquarium acquires lionfish by collecting them offshore, and from local fishermen.

Sponsorship of this exhibit has a term of ten years. The sponsor will be recognized with appropriate signage at the exhibit and on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums.




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