Life in a Drop of Water


Jennette’s Pier may be best known for fishing, or for its three iconic wind turbines. But there’s much more offered here, including compelling educational programs and exhibits that share the seen and unseen. New for 2016, Life in a Drop of Water is an interactive display that teaches visitors about plankton—the microscopic plants and animals that live in seawater—too small to see, but also too important to ignore!

Plankton is the general term used to describe the microscopic plants and animals that live in water—in this case, ocean water. These creatures may seem unimportant, but they actually are the most abundant life forms on earth, forming the foundation of the ocean’s food web.

  • Life in a Drop of Water uses touch screen technology and realistic animation to engage visitors in learning.

  • Visitors can test their knowledge of various planktonic species and learn about their role in the food web.

  • Nutrient-rich seawater is teaming with unseen life, providing sustenance for all other life in the ocean.

  • This exhibit in the pier house gallery is available for sponsorship.

Sponsorship of this exhibit has a term of ten years. The sponsor will be recognized with appropriate signage at the exhibit for this term. Additionally, named recognition is provided on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums.

Pier education staff collect plankton in nets, view them under microscopes and teach visitors about their important role in sustaining life in the sea.

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