Croatan Sound


Croatan Sound is an 8,000-gallon saltwater aquarium that features many local inshore species. These include red drum, stripers, Atlantic spadefish, and others popular with local fishermen. The open habitat recreates an under-dock view of the sound where fish often congregate. The exhibit also represents the transition to the ocean habitats of the salt water gallery.

Croatan Sound offers a unique two-perspective view—one from the brightly-lit conservatory and one from inside the darkened saltwater gallery.

Croatan Sound features local species including red drum, Atlantic spadefish (the Aquarium logo fish), stripers, lookdown, spot and croaker.

Photo: Red Drum

  • Croatan Sound is an 8,000-gallon saltwater display, one of the largest at the Aquarium.

  • Fish for the exhibit are collected by Aquarium staff, who fish local waters and sometimes work with commercial fishermen.

  • Graphic panels interpret the species and the habitat typical to this low-salinity saltwater sound.

Sponsorship of this exhibit has a term of ten years. The sponsor will be recognized with appropriate signage at the exhibit and on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums.




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