Many Aquarium visitors are surprised to learn that alligators live in local waters. North Carolina is at the northern end of their natural range, and in some nearby areas gators are abundant. The exhibit at Fort Fisher is immensely popular, featuring several large American alligators, and one albino named Luna that’s always a crowd-pleaser.

In the Aquarium’s Cape Fear Conservatory, one of the most popular displays is Alligators, offering an above-and-below-the-water view of these fascinating ancient reptiles. Natural sunlight fills the space, something the gators depend upon for temperature regulation. A fog machine and naturalistic mud and tree stumps add to the swamp-like theme.

Luna has long been an iconic animal for the Aquarium, and it’s not unusual to find visitors huddled around her display, watching her every move.

  • Alligators cohabitate well together, and Luna joined several other large gators on display in 2015.

  • Scheduled feedings are popular times to view the gators in our care.

Sponsorship of this exhibit has a term of ten years. The sponsor will be recognized with appropriate signage at the exhibit for this term. Additionally, named recognition is provided on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums.




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