Alligator Habitat


Visitors to the Aquarium always look forward to seeing the large gators in the naturally-lighted conservatory. Alligator Habitat features large acrylic windows that wrap around a 500-gallon pool and simulated mud bank. Two to three alligators (up to five feet) typically call the exhibit home, along with large snapping turtles and several large carp.

Alligator Habitat offers Aquarium visitors a rare up-close look at the American Alligator, common to eastern North Carolina but found here at the northern limit of their range. Federally-listed as a threatened species, alligator populations have made a strong comeback in the U.S. since protections were enacted in the 1970s.

Aquarium visitors love to get eye-to-eye with a large alligator—from behind the exhibit’s two-inch acrylic windows.

  • Alligator Habitat is one of the largest and most popular exhibits at the Aquarium.

  • Aquarium staff routinely do educational programs from within the exhibits.

  • Scheduled feeding programs are perhaps the best times to observe the gators.

Sponsorship of this exhibit has a term of ten years. The sponsor will be recognized with appropriate signage at the exhibit and on permanent displays at all three NC Aquariums.

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