Adopt-An-Animal Sponsors

Thank you to our Foster Families!

The Aquarium Society is pleased to receive support from our fosters through the Adopt-An-Animal program. Your contribution will help the Aquariums feed, care for and display these animals for one full year. We appreciate your help!



The Aquarium Society is pleased to receive support from area businesses through membership in our Offshore Club. These memberships benefit the Aquariums and ultimately, the local community, by offering visitors and residents an exceptional experience to learn more about our coastal environment.


($1,000 Annually)

Robert (Cam) Morgan (Otter)

Jessica Lasley & Mary Meyer
(Sea Turtle)

Roxanne Medlin (Sea Turtle)

Nancy & Joe Mansfield (Sea Turtle)

Leigh Ann Byrum & Joshua Binkley (Otter)

Samantha Massey (Alligator)

Peter Graf (Sea Turtle)

Maura Lockhart (Otter)

Jennifer Jordan (Seahorse)

Kate Thompson (Otter)

Morgan Grove (Shark)

Cheyenne Canuette (Otter)

Mary Olsen (Shark)

Arthur Keeney (Seahorse)

Macy Colby (Otter)

Alexis Colby (Seahorse)

Sean Colby (Alligator)

Noah Bodner (Seahorse)

Bentley Knapp (Otter)

Tyler Hartford (Alligator)

Campbell Hartford (Otter)

Parker Colby (Alligator)

Layne Colby (Shark)

Elizabeth Schenck (Otter)

Mindy Shamp (Seahorse)

Connor Browning
(Sea Turtle)

Kenneth McDowell (Otter)

Ruthie Brown (Shark)

Kyler Wolf (Shark)

Erin Chilcote (Otter)

Nevaeh Mead (Sea Turtle)

Shaylee Andrews (Otter)

Nicole Samella (Sea Turtle)

Jenna Ryan Steele (Sea Turtle)

Rhonda Smith (Sea Turtle)

Annette Dodd (Otter)

Jake Dooley (Shark)

Jennifer Hutchison (Otter)

Landon Painter (Sea Turtle)

Bruce Jones (Sea Turtle)

Amanda Watson (Sea Turtle)

Myra Wright (Otter)

Shay Harceg (Seahorse)

Parker Ann Powell (Otter)

Cooper Brock (Sea Turtle)

Boston Brock (Alligator)

Laura White (Sea Turtle)

Taylor White (Otter)

Robin Brown (Sea Turtle)

Alyse Gaillard (Otter)

Riley Lamb (Shark)

Sarah Ingraham (Otter)

Margaret Cox (Sea Turtle)

Kaitlyn Vespe (Sea Turtle)

Melissa Wolfe (Alligator)

Kallee Jacobson (Otter)

Mary Taylor (Seahorse)

Holly Grimes (Sea Turtle)

Jessica Owen (Sea Turtle)

Henry Owen (Sea Turtle)

Carsyn Marshall (Seahorse)

Watson Marshall (Alligator)

Stone Turner (Shark)

Clarissa Matzel (Otter)

Adam Barralet (Alligator)

Megan Tvey (Shark)

Asher Napp (Alligator)

Adisyn Napp (Seahorse)

Janelle E. Napp (Otter)

Sylas Silvanch (Alligator)

Jonathan Davis (Otter)

Ben Suler (Shark)

Henry Boyer (Sea Turtle)

Leeum Boseman (Shark)

Zoey Tucker (Sea Turtle)

Kenneth Schnepp (Shark)

Carmela Peeples (Otter)

Gavin Long (Shark)

Harrison Barkley (Shark)

Vivian Stambaugh (Seahorse)

Jennifer Swiger (Alligator)

Caleb Bissette (Seahorse)

Samantha Shoemaker (Alligator)

Scott Spillman (Otter)

Christine Harms (Sea Horse)

Cathy Sherman (Otter)

James & Katherine Allan (Alligator)

Randy & Brenna Mills (Alligator)

Caroline Davis (Sea Turtle)

Kaitlin Peterson (Otter)

Caleb Bissette (Alligator)

Fiona & Soraya Grace (Sea Turtle)

Ed Eckermann (Otter)

Olive Fipps (Alligator)

Ainsley Lynch (Otter)

Gabriel Lamb (Shark)

Stacy Pritt (Otter)

Michael Gardner Cranford (Otter)

Rachel McLean Cranford (Seahorse)

Roxie Cranford (Sea Turtle)

Kristen & Ryan Banks (Otter)

Alexis Culley (Sea Turtle)

Stephanie Shipley (Sea Turtle)

Susan Murray (Otter)

Emma Mann (Seahorse)

Brandon Mann (Shark)

Kelsey Carson (Sea Turtle)

Casey Carson (Otter)

Susan Nota (Sea Turtle)

Noah Rogers (Otter)

Mason Winn (Sea Turtle)

CC Bowles (Sea Turtle)

Richie Richeson (Sea Turtle)

Emily Rankhorn (Alligator)

Allison Snider (Otter)

Connor Bavuso (Shark)

Angel Best (Otter)

Kyle Kulczyk (Otter)

Caleb Bissette (Alligator)

Susan Voorhees (Alligator)

Bryan Rudd (Sea Turtle)

Nicole Creter (Sea Turtle)

Savannah Grow (Seahorse)

Jill Brown (Sea Turtle)

Mike Brigham (Otter)

Gail Ratala (Sea Turtle)

Kristi Adkins (Otter)

Debra Burgess (Sea Turtle)

Sydney Hart (Sea Turtle)

Ms. Boswell’s Kindergarten Class (Sea Turtle)

Ava McInturff (Sea Turtle)

Briseis Scroggins (Sea Turtle)

Brian Mousty (Sea Turtle)

Yumeka Black (Shark)

Natalie Bernardina (Shark)

Liliana Harding (Sea Turtle)

Susan Haithcock (Alligator)

Jim Gamlin (Sea Turtle)

Kevin & Nikki Calkins (Alligator)

Sam Cesal (Sea Turtle)

Carson Edwards (Otter)

Christopher Grilli (Otter)

William Kluttz (Otter)

Karson Wilson (Seahorse)

Charles Foy (Sea Turtle)

Louis Foy (Otter)

Jessica Stith (Seahorse)

Raymond Davis (Alligator)

Ashley Hehle (Otter)

Brynn Wonderling (Sea Turtle)

Mac Dahlquist (Otter)

Cooper Torres (Sea Turtle)

Chase Torres (Otter)

Grace Kristen (Seahorse)

Jacob Sanders (Alligator)

Adele Pedone (Otter)

Kailey Ross (Otter)

Erica Heuser (Sea Turtle)

June Kalinuk (Sea Turtle)

Gerri Lynn Kemper (Alligator)

Caitlin Samella (Seahorse)

Asher Thompson (Otter)

Andrew Easton (Otter)

Jake Ellis (Otter)

Cassidy Ellis (Alligator)

Kristen Weaver (Sea Turtle)

Joanna & Mike Stafford (Sea Turtle)

Patricia Kuhn (Sea Turtle)

The Scheesley Family (Sea Turtle)

Jake Sanders (Otter)

Miranda Friedland (Otter)

Phyllis Gay (Seahorse)

Ila & Eli Stave (Otter)

Vega George (Sea Turtle)

Aiden Taylor (Shark)

Avery Taylor (Otter)

Trinity Adams (Sea Turtle)

Isabella Charles (Seahorse)

Ethan Charles (Alligator)

Griffin Wells (Otter)

Dee Burkholder (Sea Turtle)

Madison Randolph (Otter)

Alicia Harless (Otter)

Emma Waddell (Otter)

Natalie & Evan Damer (Alligator)

Johannis Tinkelenberg (Shark)

Jessica Warren (Sea Turtle)

Bailee Gaudio (Alligator)

Ava Silva (Otter)

Gaige Beaugart (Otter)

Brenna Blake (Otter)

Moriah Gornstain (Sea Turtle)

Megan Bowman (Otter)

Quinn Lynn (Sea Turtle)

Hunter Webb (Otter)

Lucy Gellerman (Seahorse)

Samantha Wallace (Otter)

Christian Culverhouse (Otter)

Robert Chalifour (Sea Turtle)

Clara Wolfe (Seahorse)

Brayden Wolfe (Shark)

Jenilee Srewart (Otter)

Josie LaPrad (Shark)

Caroline Sanders (Alligator)

Maya Davis (Seahorse)

Patricia Leach (Seahorse)

Jessica Carpenter (Seahorse)

Marsha Naus (Alligator)

Valerie & Mike Salsgiver (Otter)

Janet Vaughn (Otter)

Daniel Wisser (Sea Turtle)

Will Denning (Alligator)

Annasofia Reinhardt (Sea Turtle)

Susan Griggs (Otter)

Kati Wharton (Seahorse)

Gabe Coots (Alligator)

Ashlyn Dalton (Otter)

Kira Sank (Otter)

Michelle Pfeiffer (Otter)

Sydney Baker (Sea Turtle)

Ari Vargo (Sea Turtle)

Trinity Davis (Shark)

Jaidyn Pendley (Sea Turtle)

Dawn Wilkerson (Seahorse)

Sarah Harrison (Sea Turtle)

Paul & Mercedes Parks (Otter)

Tabitha Smith (Sea Turtle)

Anderson Smith (Shark)

Jacksin Bowers (Shark)

Parker Harvey (Sea Turtle)

Courtney Mullins (Sea Turtle)

Krystina Staskiewicz (Sea Turtle)

Kevin Matthews (Otter)

Sarah Pitts (Sea Turtle)

Lincoln Silvester (Shark)

Emily Fletcher (Otter)

Peter Decker (Shark)

Brittany Satterwhite (Sea Turtle)

Cooper Mason (Sea Turtle)

Hailey Tynes (Sea Turtle)

Caden Flowers (Shark)

Sadie & Austin Haines,
Leah Rhodes

Madi Wilson (Otter)

Emma Wilson (Sea Turtle)

Kannon Heck (Alligator)

Honor Rose Tate (Otter)

Allison Short (Sea Turtle)

Mac Butterworth (Shark)

Hazel Hill (Otter)

Todd Henley (Otter)

Jennifer Ward (Seahorse)

Holly Dubois (Sea Turtle)

Millie Bauernfeind
(Sea Turtle)

Annie Coyle (Sea Turtle)

Andrew Dean (Sea Turtle)

Kimberly Sheldon (Shark)

Nancy Yun-Sheldon (Otter)

Abbigail Taylor (Otter)

Janis Hammett (Otter)

Nola Piner (Otter)

Mike Civatte (Otter)

Katelyn Billeaud (Sea Turtle)

Patricia Robb (Alligator)

Gregory Byers (Shark)

Samantha Stiehl (Shark)

Amber Niziol (Sea Turtle)

Grayson Kennedy (Sea Turtle)

Cozanne Layton (Sea Turtle)

Ava & Eve Puterbaugh (Sea Turtle)

Jameson & Effie Clinton (Sea Turtle)

Kaitlyn Bestick (Otter)

Cindy Hansen (Sea Turtle)

Alex Byers (Shark)

Mary Carter (Sea Turtle)

Zachary Dandeneau (Shark)

Ashley Gates (Sea Turtle)

Barry J Lange (Sea Turtle)

Joshua Lamb (Alligator)

Gus Burney (Sea Turtle)

Ann Johnson (Sea Turtle)

Michelle Menatt (Otter)

Marverick & Eatalina Palazzolo (Alligator)

Ashley Nicole Lawson (Sea Turtle)

Riley Pearson (Otter)

Sandra Beck (Sea Turtle)

Isabelle Bruccoleri (Otter)

Sarah Bottorff (Alligator)

Aidan Finn (Sea Turtle)

Mer Moore (Otter)

Austin Gothe (Alligator)

Wyatt Gothe (Sea Turtle)

Beckett McMillan
(Sea Turtle)

Peyton McMillan (Seahorse)

Brittany Center (Shark)

Accelerando, Inc.

Deborah Albert

Robert & Katherine Arthur

Hope Williams & Tom Bersuder

Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC Truck

Bill & Georgia Belk

Frank & Wendy Block

Alice Bost

Dan Cameron Foundation

Art & Carolyn Green

John & Terry Hines

Olivia Holding

Igoe Creative

The Ivy Cottage

McAdams Foundation

Susan Moffat-Thomas

Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc.

Walter & Pam Phillips

Charles & Mary C. Pierce

Edythe Poyner & Steve Williams

Joseph & Angela Sample

Ashley & Julian Sellars

Peter & Darlene Young

“ The Aquariums are valuable assets for our state, and especially our coast. Over 30 years ago I loved taking our three small children to the Aquarium at nearby Pine Knoll Shores and today our grandchildren are happy, frequent visitors. The Aquarium is a must-see destination for our vacationing families, one reason we’re proud to support it through our exhibit sponsorship. We know that our contributions will help it prosper for years to come. ”Julia Batten Wax, Emerald Isle Realty