March 2023

Spring has arrived at Jennette’s oceanfront fishing pier this month. With the change in season comes the first serious influx of visitors, students on field trips trips from across the Tar Heel State.

They arrive by the bus load and are welcomed by our small but efficient education staff. These mostly public-school children relish their visit to the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding beaches.

Split into groups, the kids learn about pier fishing, renewable energy and marine biology. Let one catch a prehistoric looking clearnose skate and see them light up with excitement.

Our solar car and boat sessions are engaging too and these young minds soak it all in. If the sun cooperates, teams race their vehicles to see who has the fastest design.

It’s a lot of fun, especially when they compete head-to-head says Education Curator Christin Brown. She’s loaded up the spring schedule with 29 groups and 2,741 students in March alone. Another 21 schools with 1,748 children are scheduled to come in April and in May, around 16 more schools with 1,911 registered participants.

Brown has streamlined all of her programming over the past 12 years and these large groups find them interesting and informative. The teachers and parent chaperones also appear to enjoy the activities, especially fishing when it's catching!

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