February 2023

Visitors to the Pier can enjoy three significant improvements this year as staff continues to enhance your experience at this oceanfront fishing pier.

First off, new ADA approved handrails were installed recently. These aluminum tubes replace the ailing wooden handrails on our entrance ramps. It’s the same material and construction as the entrance gates on the south side.

Secondly, two new solar-powered buoys have been deployed at the end of the Pier on each side. These Spotter Buoys house an affordable MetOcean collection tool that transmits wave, wind, sea surface temperature and barometric pressure data in real-time.

MetOcean stands for meteorology and physical oceanography. They were deployed by our partners from East Carolina University’s Coastal Studies Institute located in Skyco.

A third project addresses the need for new carpet on the second floor in Oceanview Hall, administration offices and lobby.

This project is in the design phase and we hope to get it completed before wedding season begins this spring.

The original carpet served us well, but we’re overdue to freshen up the banquet space and hallway where hundreds of special events have been hosted.

So, we’re getting set to have another wonderful year and plan to launch a new website this spring.

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