Nunemaker Family
Buster, Chris, Kevin, Kare
In Memory Carl & Sall
Jennette's Pier - Sponsor A Bench

Village Realty

Happily Ever After
Brad & Vickie Schreffler
Southern Shores, NC

In Honor of
the Families of
Art & Alice Keeney

In Memory of
William H. Wood

We were here with
our family and friends
Col. and Gertie Zeger

Bob & Linda Quinn
In Memory of:
Marty and Michael

The Thornton's
Bronwyn and Buck
ALWAYS a Great Day!

Buddy & Stu Pope

Peter & Darlene Young

In loving memory
of Dianne Hernley Munn
11/13/64 - 09/03/09

Have a great vacation!
Sun Realty

Thomas M. Beazlie
in Loving Memory of
Mary Lee Beazlie

The Outer Banks
Visitors Bureau

Have Fun Fishing!
In Memory of David &
Annie Lawrie Jennette

The Mitchells
Champ & Etteinne

Suzanne and Brian Pecheles

In Memory of
Goodwin A "Bud" Lycan
From Amber and Mike

In Memory of
Hanford L & Jean S Spivey
From their children

Stan White
Realty & Construction
Enjoy Your Vacation!

The Shack Family
Denise, Tim, Adam & Matt
Many Great Memories

in Loving Memory
of John McDonald from RI
"He so loved OBX"

Atlantic Realty
“The Little Company
That Can!”

Brad & Jenn Thomas
Kendall, Delaney & Alex
Bowling Green, VA

Sam & Omie's
Fish On

In Memory of
Ida Mae Abel

The Dunes
A Nags Head Tradition

Resort Realty
"Nobody Knows the
Outer Banks Better"

Come As You Are
Fishermen Welcome
St.Andrews By the Sea

The Outer Banks Mall

Thank You from the
on the Outer Banks

Ray, Linda and
Mckenzie White
Abby, Lilly, Bailey

In Memory of
The Basnight's St. Clair
Mose, Melvin, Melroe

Tanger Outlets
In Memory of Our Founder
Stanley K. Tanger

NC Aquarium
on Roanoke Island
Advisory Committee

Stancil & Company
Raleigh, NC

Southern Shores Realty

Richmond, Virginia

Hope Williams
Tom Bersuder
Jonathan and Edward

Big Fish
Ashtyn and Ellie

September Memories
Emmett & Anna Goode

Warren H. Jennette
Sr., Jr. & III (daddy)
With love & honor
(In Memory of)
Warren H. Jennette III
(In Honor of)
All the Warren H. Jennette's

Fond Memories
Millicent Jennette Waits
Jennette, Judy & Bill

Bruce & Anna Biggs

Kai Noah Galleo
Our Boy of the Sea
3/5/07 - 6/18/07

Graham & Ashley Dozier

David and Sydney Womack

Our Grandparents
Glen & Ruth Thompson
Bill & Hilda York

Becky&Charles Evans
Augusta&Cyrus Aydlett
Evelyn&Charlie Evans

The Dunes of Dare
Garden Club

Grandchildren of
Wes & Jacque Seegars
Ben4 - Gray2 - Max2

In Honor of Our
Grandchildren - Bill
& Mary-Hannah Taft

Tony S. Garrett Sr
Big Cheese/ Little Cheese
Tony S. Garrett Jr

At Ease!
The Tichenor Family
Louisville, KY

Jane Smith Patterson

In Loving Memory
Benjamin and Frances Gray
Together Forever

In Loving Memory
of Nana and Pop
The Marynowicz Family

In Loving Memory
Pop & Mamma
The Cooper Family

In Memory of
Ralph & Liz Hoffmaster
It All Began In 1952!

David Lee Huth
shared fish laughter love
03/27/45 - 04/17/11
(In Memory of)
David Lee Huth

Ice Cream and Grill
"Bad To The Cone"

To all the happy
years celebrated here
Anthony&Irene Sarratt

In Memory of The
Twiford Family-Earl,Elton
Jack, Dennis & Mattie

In Loving Memory
of Timmy - Our 81" Angel
<3 The Love Crew

Kitty Hawk Rentals
Beach Realty & Const.
Since 1964

In Memory of
Charles and Lucy Gaddy

The Gaddys
Fin,Nancy,Charles & Brown

Diamonds 'n Dunes
Together We Sparkle
Ken & Eileen

Sponsored by the
First Citizens

Sponsored by the
Southern Bank

Art and Carolyn Green

Joe Lamb, Jr.
& Associates
Since 1968

Senator S. Clark Jenkins

Freddie & Cate Mills
Bryson & Warner Perry

In honor of our
Mary Jane & Clark Jen

The Family of
Dean & Susanne O'Neill
No Worries since 1983