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September 2022


Our annual Homeschool Day is September 15 and the theme is Future Scientists! The event also welcomes children who are not school age, and two adults (additional adults will still have to pay general admission). Specifically made for Homeschool families, the event will include free scavenger hunts, creature connections, crafts and science experiments in our classrooms during the day.

Additional science activities during the day including squid dissection and special behind-the-scenes tours that will require registration before the event and are on a first come, first served basis.


Want to take a break from your regularly scheduled day at the Aquarium? Get a look at what it takes to care for fish, sharks, sea turtles, and amphibians during a behind-the-scenes tour at the Aquarium. Held daily 2:30-3:30 p.m. guests get a chance to see water labs, food prep areas and an overhead view of the largest habitat, the 306,000-gallon Living Shipwreck. Each tour offers a unique opportunity for guests to help feed the fish in the Living Shipwreck, and during the Tuesday and Friday tour, guests are able to watch staff feed the sharks in this habitat.


Our two female bald eagles, Shagoie Watha and Uwohali, are back in the public view! The two eagles had been behind-the-scenes for a few months for their protection due to cases of avian flu found in North Carolina earlier this year. They can now both be seen perched in their habitat on the marsh boardwalk. These two rescued bald eagles are both non-releasable and are unable to fly due to wing injuries. While they are expected to continue to be viewable from their public habitat this summer, Aquarium staff will take all precautions this fall during bird migration.


Want to see what it's like to dive with sharks? Watch our diving with sharks video to see wild sand tiger sharks swimming around the wrecks off our coast! Interested in volunteering with our dive team so you can dive with our sharks? Check out our volunteer dive program!

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