December 2019

Go green this Christmas by picking up some useful reusable items in our Pier Shop. We have metal, rubber and bamboo straws along with stainless steel tumblers and water bottles.

Did you know a case of water bottles creates 73 pieces of plastic? Grab one of our blue bottles instead and start saving our planet today!

Plastic ocean debris can entangle birds, fish and marine mammals. At Jennette’s, staff members are trained as first responders for the Outer Banks Marine Mammal Stranding Network (252-455-9654).

When dolphins and whales strand on Outer Banks beaches, they are most likely sick or dying. Our responders gather important information and photos for later study by scientists.

While strandings can be sorrowful, watching marine mammals swim past the Pier offers an uplifting experience. December is a good month for this, but there’s no rhyme or reason to when these playful animals will appear.

Another fascinating mammal that visits this month: Seals. While they look cute, give them a wide berth because they bite and may carry diseases. The network and our staff help seals when they need some quiet time on the beach to rest.

Need a last-minute gift? Consider an annual pass for the angler in your life.


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