November 2019

This month opens with Outer Banks Hospital’s Get Pinked! and More party in Oceanview Hall, Friday evening, Nov. 1. Celebrating the Best of Broadway, this marquee event features a delicious New York City-inspired menu.

While November starts with socializing and breast cancer awareness, it ends with a free admission day on Thanksgiving, Nov. 28, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Try to hook a delish fish or walk off that turkey and fixings!

In the weeks between, Jennette’s education team will be busy hosting school groups, including three from Aquarium Scholars, an innovative program providing Title I schools the opportunity to visit the pier.

Aquarium Scholar classes will enjoy such activities as Exploring Water Cycling and Ocean Currents. These kids thrive on such hands-on experiments and relish our beachfront location, where some may experience their first Atlantic Ocean visit.

For you birdwatchers out there, November typically provides plenty to observe, and our 1,000-foot-long pier offers an exceptional place to check out what’s heading south.

Sightings can include grebes, red-throated loons, Canada geese, and a wide variety of ducks — surf scoters, eiders, harlequins, buffleheads, mergansers and ruddy ducks, to name a few. Bring on the telephoto lenses, spotting scopes and binoculars so you can see what’s flying over the sea.


Contact any of the Aquariums by calling

1-800-832-FISH (3474)