August 2019

Teachers at Title I schools in North Carolina can apply for an Aquarium Scholars mini-grant. This innovative program provides funds for classrooms to experience and connect with the Aquarium. Apply by September 6 for an Aquarium visit (including bus, fuel and fees), an educational program at the Aquarium, an outreach program to bring the Aquarium to your school, or a distance-learning program for your class.

Three green sea turtles rehabilitated in the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center at the Aquarium were released back to the ocean last month! A large crowd cheered as they met the waves again. Check out our Facebook page to see video from the release.

Go behind-the-scenes in STAR Center in our newest video, made in collaboration with CURRENT TV.

Baby alert! Five green anoles have hatched in our Seven Rivers gallery. These interesting lizards, native to North Carolina, have the ability to change their coloration through a range of greens and browns. Our animal husbandry team is providing all of the anoles with excellent care, monitoring the progress and health of each hatchling.


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