August 2019

Wise up about owls, with programs, crafts, activities and close-up encounters during a day dedicated to owls. Aug. 4 the Aquarium joins other organizations and facilities worldwide in celebrating International Owl Awareness Day. Owl-oriented activities spread knowledge and debunk myths about these often-mysterious winged wonders. Learn about the troubles some species face and find out how everyone can help.

Turtle traffic is picking up on the nighttime beach. Sea turtles usually emerge from their sandy nests after dark and scurry toward the surf. You can help make this perilous trek easier: turn off or shield lights and flashlights, fill in holes, pick up trash, and leave nests and hatchlings undisturbed.

While visiting the Aquarium, be sure to check out our five sea turtles, including: Nimbus the white loggerhead, a large green sea turtle, and two yearlings. Join us to celebrate Nimbus’ ninth birthday August 15.

Teachers at Title I schools in North Carolina can apply for an Aquarium Scholars mini-grant. This innovative program provides funds for classrooms to connect with the Aquarium. Apply by September 6 for an Aquarium visit (including bus, fuel and fees), an educational program at the Aquarium, an outreach program to bring the Aquarium to your school, or a distance-learning program for your class.


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