August 2019

This month, peaking Atlantic Ocean water temperatures provide excellent opportunities to catch prized species such as king mackerel, dolphin fish and small sailfish.

Warm Gulf Stream waters, delivered by east winds, are also conducive to feeding tropical storm systems that typically develop in August and September.

Jennette’s Pier has weathered a handful of serious hurricanes since reopening in May of 2011. The Pier’s management team has recently improved its storm preparedness plans, and you should too.

We urge you to prepare a family emergency plan. Stock up on disaster supplies now, and don’t forget to plan for the safety and well-being of your pets.

The surfing community also keeps a close eye on developing storms. These offshore systems can send long lines of waves to our barrier islands, where they break on sandbars and barrel on down the line.

These seasonal conditions are why the biggest wave riding event of the year is scheduled for the end of this month, just weeks after the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge Aug. 13–14 and Rip Curl Grom Search Aug. 15–16.

The WRV Outer Banks Pro takes place on the Pier’s south beach Aug. 28 to Sept. 1. This World Surf League qualifying event creates an entertaining atmosphere just in time for Labor Day weekend. Be there. Aloha!


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