July 2019

Watch the night sky explode in red, white and blue streaks of light and smoke when the Town of Nags Head ignites its Independence Day Fireworks Spectacular on Thursday, July 4, at 9:25 p.m. We offer a perfect place to watch the show, which is just four miles north of us.

While enjoying holiday festivities, help keep our environment clean by reducing, reusing and recycling waste, including drink bottles and cans.

At Jennette’s, we’ve deployed a dozen brand-new, bright blue recycling bins and 42 hand-painted, homemade cigarette butt receptacles. So far, we’ve sent 7,000 butts to TerraCycle.

Speaking of smoking, July can be pretty hot on Jennette’s Pier and surrounding beaches. If anyone is feeling weak and dizzy, sweating profusely, developing goosebumps or suffering from headaches and muscle cramps, it could be a sign of heat exhaustion or heatstroke. If you feel these symptoms, immediately seek shade and medical attention. To stay safe, be sure to wear a hat, use sunscreen, and hydrate — from a reusable bottle. (You'll find fill stations inside the pier house.)

One sure way to stay cool is to attend the OBX Skim Jam on the beach July 20-21. Competitors turn their boards on incoming waves and ride back in while performing tricks such as 360s or airs. Be there! Aloha!


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