Great Job!
Kevin Hunter Nunemaker
Nags Head, N.C.

Enjoy The Ocean!
Joe & Tina Murphy
Nags Head, N.C.

Sam Jackson
Best Angler, Husband, Dad
Clarksburg, WV USA

In Memory of
Sean Boyle
Failte Abhaile

The Kellers
Rick and Cheryl
Martinsburg, WV

The McLeskeys
Gerald and Linda

Cool Breezes
Jo and Chris Corso
Point Harbor NC

The Johns Family
Marv Sally Sam Hanna Emily

Song of Solomon 6:3

Enjoy The View!
Gregg Southard
Manteo, NC

In Memory Of
J. Edward Burch Sr.
1918 - 1985

In Memory of
Brionna Leigh Pettit
9/15/2003 - 10/2/2009

In Memory of
Jerome Earl Sale
#43 James Monroe High

Linda - Phil Hobbs
Columbus Ohio

60th OBX Vacation
Zeger Family Tradition
Mercersburg, PA

Bryce & Trish

For my Aunt Mary -
Marine science teacher
and family mermaid

A day on the ocean
Charlotte & Maylon White
like nothing better!

My Boys
Darius, Frank and Barkley

The Family of
Dr. William S. Blakemore
White Pelican Watch

Outer Banks Eye Care
Sea whats out there!

Tony and Teresa
Virginia Beach, VA

The Allen's
Bobby, Mary Lou & Heather

Ocean Memories
The Boykins
Pat and Steve

The Sadlers
Budgie and Anna
Nags Head, N. C.

In Loving Memory
Lin Ward

The Ferguson Clan
Alexis, Garrett, J R,
Patrick, Ava,Mitchell

Thanks, Nags Head
Enjoy the view!
The Helicke Family

The Perry Pack
Quaid, Katie, Zach, Gabe
T, P, P Up, A & F!

The Perry Family
In Memory of Hilda Mann
Keep dancing Grandma!

The Perry Family
In Loving Memory
Mavis Paul Allen

The Perry Family
In Loving Memory
Waverly K. Paul, Sr.

The Perry Family
In Loving Memory
Leamon H. Allen, Sr.

The Perry Family
In Memory of Clint Ashby
North Canton, Ohio

Be Free!
Love the Sea!
Perry Environmental

Wonderful Memories
The Bamonte Family

In Memory of
Sheryl Jean (Christy) Inks

Samuel & Sheryl
Sam Ryan Damien
Brandon Devon Jason

George Potts
Jim Brookshire

Tina & Mickey for Eternity

In Memory of Gary Oakey
Jennifer, Crystal & Aeden

In Memory of
Claude E. Lane


Sponsored by
Marisa Smith

East Coast Auto & Marine
MP 10.5

In Memory of
Harold and Peg Bond
Wilkes-Barre, PA

From Nana and Da
Peighton Lindsay

The Islander Motel
est. in 1973 by
Ed & Sylvia Thompson

In Memory of
Charlie Lester Harrison
Camden, NC

OBX Fishn'faganza
RAGS Signs & Graphics
Wilmington, NC

In Loving Memory
Annette N. Edmondson

Great Memories
The Westheidens
Nags Head, N.C.

We love & miss you
Teresa Blevins Merritt
Emma & Durinda

Chuck Olliver
Our Favorite Angler

The Formans
Eleanore & Al

Nana's Beach Babies

The Hofflers
Capt. Jack & Sandra
Cathy & Aaron

In Loving Memory
Hap and Cae Crossman

The Crossman's
Grump Nancy and Family

In Honor of
Jerry & LaVerne Volk

In Loving Memory
Lurana J Cowan

In memory of
Harvey D White

Alice McCaa Kelly
Loved and missed by
Mary and Annie

The Stvartaks
Joe, Donna, Matt & Michael

The Perry Family
In Loving Memory
James Robert Mitchell

The Perry Family
In Loving Memory
Ann R. Mitchell

Happy Memories
With Family and Friends
The Klubes Family

In Loving Memory
M. Don Helms, Jr

Fitz Grandkids
Micah, Amy
Reese, and Jonah

Livin' the Dream1
The Shoenberger Family
MP 17.2

Nags Head Church
By Grace Alone
Catch the Wave!

Butz's Valrico, FL
Cory and Missy
Ryleigh and Gavin

In Honor of
Nancy Glynn Wood
-Your Aquarium Family

Jennings Family
Frank, Lynn, Mary & Chip
Weeksville NC

Jim & Diane Barbre
Nicole, Art & Lucas L.
Danielle & Scott A.

Got Fish?
Sterling, VA

Butz's Grandy, NC
Jim-PopPop Marcia-Mimi
Captain Curri C Tuck

Jim Green
A man of the sun and sea
Our Anchor ~1925-2007

GoGo and Chris
40 Years of Wedding Bliss
We Love You!!

Remembering good
friends and great times
Ray & Dolores Fisher

The Posner Family
Mason Cathy Lucinda
Medina, Ohio

With love in
memory of Patrick

With great love
for our daughter
Rhys Leigh Richmond

In loving Memory
Arthur Thibodeau
We Miss You Dad

The Rary Family
Tim, Beth, Ashten, & Seth

In Memory of
Robin Privott Hartleben
1958 - 2009

Joe and Elizabeth

Mitzi and Champ
and all the Clarks on
the beach since 1957

Preserve the Ocean
for the kids-love to Shay

In Memory of
Joe Butler
He Loved Jennettes

Enjoy Fishing
Mike & Harriet Barr
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Thornton Family
Haywood, Kemper
Robert, Charlotte

Kenneweg Family
Gill, Stacey
Keira, Megan, Avery

Alison and Alden Thornton

In Memory of
George A. Thornton, Jr.
Eleanor D. Thornton

Tiffany & Joel
Landis Berlin, PA
3/11/06 Love Forever

1940 - 2009
Marilyn Gabrys Baker
My Sister - My Friend

In Loving Memory
Thomas Keith Semans

In Memory of
Robert Rahmes
Ohio, North Carolina

I Owe My Love For
Jerome And Dolores Costa
The Beach To You - Jr

Life is Good!
John & Fran Campbell

In Memory of
Robert E. Brewer
Clemmons, NC

Michael Lambright
Beach Man

Crabby Fries
KDH Beach Rd mp 8.5
252 441 9607

Mullen Grand Joys
Caroline & Carson
Olivia & Hyla 2011

Donated By
Marion R. Peterson
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Buddy & Stu Pope

Loving Memory of
Richard & Shirley Boyce
Jerry & Marta Boyce

Davenport Family
Michael, Renee, Hannah
Dana & Jamie

Diana & David Askins


The Contristan's

In Memory of
Bradford "Tommy" Gibbs
At home in Carolina

Where we began '96
David and Joanna
Beth and Becca King

September 14, 1963
Gary & Nancy Walton

For my OBX babes
Shelby, Kyle and Jayden
Love, Mom (HER 9/10)

Special Memories
George V Ramsey
Penny Leary-Smith

In Memory of
Ralph John Ragomo Sr.
Riverton, New Jersey

Wendy and Frank Block

Endless Summer
Meghan, Kevin & Mallory
Jackie & Sam Remige

Cathy & Ken Adams
Celebrating 35 Years!
September 6, 2010

Baum - Corbell
Kitty Hawk NC

Peggy, Jennifer,
Justin & Finley Langley
Kitty Hawk, NC

Deborah & Jeffrey
Kitty Hawk, NC

Enjoy the Pier
Andrew & Diane Helms
Raleigh, NC

In Memory,
Capn' Ivy & Shortbaby

The Hopkins Clan
Michael, Dawn, George,
Jessie, Crystal, Ryan

Milam Family Team
Maria, Mark
Andrew, & Carmen

U taught me 2 fish
in memory of
Jay Brady

In Memory of
Arleen B. Linehan
Salem High School

The Boyers
Eric, MacKay & Bay dog
Richmond & Kitty Hawk

The Koocher Family

Zoe A. Groves
Quinn C. Groves
Protect our Oceans!

In memory of Grant
& Martha Schoolcraft
Weston, WV

P.I. and Zora
Still Fishing

Where Friends Meet
Larry & Gretchen Fangman

In Loving Memory
Monica Grace Stewart

Carolina Coastal
Plastic Surgery

In Memory of
Norman & Ruby Joyner
Anibal & Aida Fajardo

For My Number One
Fisherman, Mark Anderson
Love, Melissa

In Memory of
Gerald Mauck

Linda Stembridge
Precious Memories

We Love You Pawpaw
George N Hathaway Jr
5-30-1920 9-13-2010

Manteo High School
Class of 1979

September 10, 2011
Sammy & Jennifer Bell
One Love...

F.O.E. Aerie 4506
People helping people

The Outer Banks
Wedding Association

In Memory of
William R. Blandford, Jr
The Fishbusters

Complete Business Service
Kill Devil Hills N.C

In Memory of
Albert R. Williams
1964 - 1986

Ron O'Brien Family
Tranquility Joy Memories
1966 to Forever

McCoy's Auto Glass
serving northern VA

Two bluefish were
simultaneously caught by
the Brockways 6/05/80

Happy Memories
With Family and Friends
The Bahen Family

Here Fishy Fishy!!
The January Family

Thomas A. Gasmire
fisherman from
Canonsburg, PA

Hurry Sunrise
Kathy and Ray Losego

In Memory of
Peggy L Fleming

Sam and Ruth

Shelly & Buz Nunnally
Do it again tomorrow!

The Wells Family
Enjoy & Protect our Ocean
Ken, Donna and Banks

SSgt M Hugh Caddy
KIA 11/16/04 Bronze Star
Co C 1-506 2ndBCT 2ID

With love for
d. of Warren Jennette

With love for
Who loved the pier

The Pier's Founder
Warren H. Jennette, SR.
The Jennette Family

In Honor of
Walton & Nell Jennette
Walt & Pat Jennette

Long Live The Pier
Walt & Pat Jennette
Christa, Brad & Hank

In Memory of
St. Pauls N.C.

In Loving Memory
Mary Rose Carr Glenn
1921 - 2010

Our Grandparents
Marie & Gary Jolliffe
We'll Always Have OBX

Burnette and Becky
Koebernick Loved memories
from family vacations

In Memory Of
T.J. Davis (1989-2008)
You Can Fish Forever

In Memory of
Louise Jennette and
Hubert L. McCain

2011 Margie, Dedra
Eric, Ryan The Sheffield's

In Loving Memory
Jimmy Austin
Austin Fish Company

With Love
In Memory of
Archie & Lois Lynch

The Hiles
Steve and Debbie
Leesburg, VA

Forever Spot
I'll see you later...

In Loving Memory
Delilah Stallings
July 9, 2010

In Honor of
Bill & Rita McCain
From their Children

In Loving Memory
Charles Philip Machen, Jr
Bobby & Susi Gentry

1939 Pier Founder
I Believe I'll Go Fishing
Bill Jennette Sr.

Margaret, Walker,
Hunter & Georgia Jennette
Mermaids & Fishermen

Fish Get Bigger
David & Shannon Jennette
When Almost Caught

This is the Life!
Donna Lynn Call

Wishing RC Wiggins
A Happy 75th 11-18-10
Fayetteville, NC

Wm. S. Jennette,Sr
Original Founder 1939
His loving family

To My Jennette Men
Catch the big one!

Happy Fishing
Lawrie Jennette Barker
Samuel Glen Barker

The Jennettes
Shawn, Kristen, and Nick

Pier's Co-Founder
H. Carter & Mary M.

T. J. Carr
Happy days spent fishing

With Love For
Mildred and Jack Jennette

In Loving Memory
Gwendolyn Sampson Rennie
The Shell Queen

In Honor of
Cory and Megan Duke
October 1, 2011

In Memory of
Larry Grant, who
loved the Outer Banks

Suzanne and Brian Pecheles

Carolyn and Alex MacFadyen

Olivia Holding

The Mitchells
Champ & Etteinne

The Schneck Family
Polly and Paul
Windfall Cottage

In Honor of
My Wife Brenda M. Jordan
John R. Jordan, Jr.

Jackson,Oakley Fox
Catie,Summer,Chase Oakley

The Hoopes Family
Jimmy, Maria, Alex,
James & Riley

The Smith Boys
Graham, Hayden, and Noah
Charlotte, NC

"Atlantic Fever"
The Dysart Family
Edinburg, Virginia

Brent, Rebecca,
and Jacob Watkins
Rocky Mount, NC

Christian Legner
My Sea Turtle Girl

In Loving Memory
Ernest Stanley Belvin Jr.
Ripple in Still Water

In Loving Memory
Suzanne M. Arena
Our OBX Inspiration

OBX Life I
Mike, Renee, Meganne, Max
Est. 2008 Olson

Mike, Renee, Meganne, Max
Est. 2010 Olson

Chuck & Lori Olson
We love you!
Mike, Renee, Meg, Max

Burch & Sarah Sage
born by the ocean

Bob, Kathy, Alison
Leslie, & Holden Chase

Joe Malat

Sandra Sawyer
She loves us & the Beach
Our Mom & MeMom

The Hooper Family
Chance & Caroline

In Memory of
Jack Heitmann
Fish On

In Loving Memory
Maxine Meekins Stirling

In Fond Memory of
The One That Got Away
Sandy & Laura Roberts

Gone Fishing
Roger & Peggy Jones
Lynchburg, VA

The Reilly Family
Kevin, Laura, Josh, Matt
May Fair Winds Blow

Bob Garland
Cary Sandra Quinn V.
Fish On!

In Memory of
Eric & Esther Winkky
The Bayers-Tivoli,NY

For Our Fathers
A.B. Faw
R.E. Rhodes

OBX Petersons
Bob Carole Soren Whitney
Jamie Maren Jaren

The WILD Family
Thank you Nana and Grumpa

M.C. and Jackie Davis
Thaxton, Virginia

In Loving Memory
of Edwin Cola Perry

Wes & Nikki Creef
Carson, Averi, Emerson,
and Lillian Anita

Memory of Grandpa
Ralph Wagner- Loved Life
Fished here for years

Suzanne & George

Mary & Jonathan Howes

Bee & Thomas Gwynn

In Memory of
Mark Andrew Wilborne
11-29-03 Gone Fishing

The Overbys
Mark, Deb, Bruce & Jessica

Jerry Wright, Jr.
09/06/45 - 12/26/00
He's a keeper

To John & Deb Beck
Thanks for the Memories!
Love,Kids & Grandkids

The Weathers
Matoaca, VA

The Bowerman's
Honor,Sawyer & Decker

In Honor of
Ray V. and Dorothy Cahoon
longtime neighbors

The Kelley's
Carey and Sharon
Glen Arm Maryland

A Wonderful Family
Finn, Eli, and Deanie

Bow Wow, Bow Wow
We love you Pappa T!
Lucy, Ricki, Samantha

We Love You
Grand Ma Ma & Pappa Joe
Lucy, Ricki, Samantha

Hope your beer is cold
Your cooler full

Fred Brandell Sr
"It's Called Fishing,
Not Catching!"

In Loving Memory
Robert Lee (Pop) Jones
Amelia, Virginia

The Boslau Family
Bret, Dana, Zach and Lily

Carol & Bob

Spencer Wilson
Emily Wilson
Avery Massey

The Singletarys
Elton, Laura and Jake
To Honor Emory & Ralp

Leigh & John McNairy

Enjoy the view
Hank & Jean Spivey
From Mike and Amber

Todd, Deb, Madison
Cayenne, Tucker, Dakota
VA Beach Columbia NC

The Moodys
Will, Claire, Liz and Mac

For Beach Lovers--

We Love NC
Aquariums - Kenton, Lisa
and Oren Yang

In Honor of
Joe & Mary Vansickle

Three Dog Ink, LLC
Gene&MaryAnn Williams

Out of Hand Graphics

The Dormer Family
Frederick, Maryland

Dana & Ray Koch
Ann & Bill Mello

The Callum Family
Patty, Erin, Jade, Max
and Parker too!

In Loving Memory
We miss you

B&B 9/5/10
Nunc scio quid sit amor

"There's stuff out
there that'll eat you!"
Keith E. Dancy, Sr

In Loving Memory
James Ray "Tuff" Brown
Fishing In Heaven

OBX Support Ho's
Relax & Rejoice
Est. 2009

Mary Ann and Bill
Kris & Jay, Jill & Mark
Ally, Olivia, Sophia

Gene, and Matt

1975 - ? Vacation
Stanley (Possum) Bishop
Sutherland, VA

The Greesons
Randy, Pam, Matt, David

Jack & Fran Laser
Making Memories
For Three Generations

The Eliades Family
Dan MaryBeth Daniel Sam
Katie Andrew & Clyde

The Revelles
Chuck, Bonnie
Thomas, Rachel, Emily

Wet a Line
In Memory of
William M. Kimball

The Modzelewskis
Marlene, Chet & Matt
South Nags Head

Papa Ray

The Tutwilers
Lurty & Blanche
Jay & Laura

The Creans
John Anita Patrick Will

The Doyle's
Brant Bethany Lily

To Granddaughters
Makynley and Macy
Love Poppa and Ginni

In Memory of
Walter J. Teffar

The Dolly Sisters
Roaming Heaven Together
Fran and Dora; 2006

Pier's Co-Founder
Warren H. Jr. & Lucille

In Memory Of
Warren H. Jennette, III
The Family

In Memory Of
Lyda Jennette & Dick

A Pier Founder
Walton C. Jennette, Sr.

Todd S Anderson
Eric W Snoddy
Pikeville, NC

In Loving Memory..
Cathy Lynn Stover
My Love, My Life


Claremont, VA

Nags Head 1963
I knew I would live in NC
Lois B. Raleigh 2005

The Chirico Family
Tony, Wendy & Anthony
Save the Sea Turtles!

Jeff & Keith Burke

Scott & Robin South
Ellis, Nicole, Sydney

Rick & Myrna Willetts

Joe Raymond

Vale "Tiki" Raymond

Lucie "Goose" Raymond

Mia "Mimi" Raymond

Charles "Catch" Raymond

Children and

In Memory of
Charles H. Pilley Jr.
Family Man, Fisherman

For My Grandkids
Stevie, Patrick, and Ella

Fish Whisperer
Nicole K. Earhart
Palm Harbor, Fla.

Thanks for
reading our plank!
- Adam & Becca Harder

Atlantic Realty
"The Little Company
That Can!"

In Memory of
Steve & Helen

In Memory of
Karen L. Bates
We miss you Mom

Happy B-day JBV!
Heres to beach adventures
sea glass and shrimp

Mil & Bob Maxfield
MaxPatSouth Clan
20+ Years of OBX Fun!

AJ & Renee Johnson
In Honor of our Family

Classen Family
Susan and Carl
Ben, Jen & Carrietta

Tyler and Emily Crockett

Samuel R Ferra
George, Stephen & Nick

Herman H Atkins
Loved to fish here with
his 12 Grand Kids

The Hurleys
Terry Robin (OBX Nut)
Dakota Zack & Alexis

The Corwin's
Mike Debbie Jason Heather
Davis Kristen Cumbia

"Fish On" Jackson
Uncle Vic & Aunt Debbie
We Love You!

LeFebvre Family
Slippery Rock Pa

In Loving Memory
Patricia G. Fairbanks
and John J. Gleason

L. Lee Gardner, Jr
I have loved thee, Ocean!
1942 - 2010

The Brown family
Joby, Karen
Willa and Ben

In Memory Of
Carl & Helen Byer
Hot Springs VA

For all the years
at OBX & dolphin watching
Robert Burton 2011

Stella Josephine Lafy
Love, Mom & Dad

Christopher Robin
Grandpa Grandma Stone

Our Beach Bums:
Sydney & Emmet Derni
Kyle & Lucas Johnson

John & Pamela Pope
Catawba County, NC
Shut up and Fish!

Joyce A. Luettich
in memory
from IMS Luettich Lab

God adds to men's
lives days spent fishing.
IMO: Juan O. Chaves

Happy Birthday!
Dr. Arthur Wayne Meeks Jr
3 July 2011

In Honor of
Shelby & Wyatt Mansfield
Love, Mom & Dad

In Honor of
Our Kids & Grandkids
Rick & Debbie Black

25 Wonderful Years
Frank Deal & Alice Martin

In Honor of
Clair Sutton

R. E. Austin Family

"Blue Sky"
The Slonaker's & Mader's
MP 16.5 NH / York, PA

Glenn Eure, Artist
Walked Here in 2011-Age 80

The Eudy Family
Dan, Laurie, Joseph
Long may you fish!

Ben and Jerry
Bill and Henry

Klose Lawrence Family

Bembridge Family
Steven, Shelly,
Erin, Megan & Reagan

Gene Lee-STVL, NC
Loving Memories 1945-2010
At OBX Forever & Ever

The Farley Family
In Loving Memory
Marcus & Joyce Farley

The Perfect Catch
Ben, Jen, Alex, & Katie
Est. 2005

The Frick Family
A Life of Truth and Honor
Death with Dignity

George A. & Judy Y. Banks

Beachcomber Bob
Father Friend Hero Love
Pa Richardson our Dad

"Not Soon Enough"
The Brown/Scahill Family
Est. January 2004

To James,Samantha
Grandma&PopPop Shiels

Donna & Tom
OBX Forever

Tomanelli Family
Centreville VA

Together Forever
Tom and Nicole Lecher
October 8, 2011

Gone to the Beach
for Fun in the Sun
Gormleys & Vrabels

The Pearl
Sebastian & Jean-Marc

In Memory of
Dona Mae McLaughlin "Dee"

In Memory of
Isabel G & Hilda G
The Gourley's

Bryce & Trish
Staunton, Virginia

In Memory Of
Robert Wayne Watson
1951-1995 Stuart, Va.

In Memory of
H.T. & A. Laurie Mullen
Ashby Tarkington, Jr.

In Memory of Cocoa
Merritt Carol David Stone
She was a Great Dog!

We love you Timmy
Pam, Meghan and
Thomas McDonald #24

"Till Next Tide"
Love Little Ted

My Love - My Hero
Never Forgotten
Love Always Debi

The Polnisch Family

In Memory of Beth
Brittany and Connor
February 12, 2009

Katherine J Burton
Treasured Beach Memories
Happy Birthday 2011

In Memory Of
Darla Burns
A Great Friend

The Summertons
Jon & Dotti
"Kids & Grandkids"

September 18, 2011
Evan and Jenna Galvanek
hooked on love

Great Memories!
Sisters & Friends Forever
Karen & Janet

Memory of
Bob Rollason, Jr
06/13/44 - 02/19/10

Gentle Winds and
Following Seas
The Crisman Family

F. R. Mahony & Associates

KJ Construction

Isaac Dobie

Mason Dobie

In Memory of
Bobby and Dickie Ferrell
the twins from Moyock

The Moore Family
Ward, Debbie and Mollie
South Nags Head

In Loving Memory
Bob & Lola Ballard
Alum Creek, WV

Menchville High School

Sandie Markland
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Welcome Back!
The Traceys of Newark, DE

Randy, Vicki, Zeus
Stephanie, Chuck Sprenkle
Waynesboro, PA

Ray, Linda and
Mckenzie White
Abby, Lilly, Bailey

Our Lucky Spot
The Schalk Family

In Loving Memory
James & Frances Washburn
Ridgeway, Virginia

The Clare Kids
Natalie, Michael John
and Maeve

Thoensen Family
Bobby, Debbie
Jason, Joe & Jeff

Happy Memories!
The Brill Family

In Memory of
I Love You, Mom

The Champlins
Brian, WIndy, Jeffrey,
Ashleigh & Schae

Jeremy Jake Julie
Hailey Sean Lily Falyn
Bob and Laura Green

The Barnes Family
Robert, Mary Elizabeth
Bo and Anna Marie

Marvin P. Sartin
In Loving Memory

Michael McCleary
Dedicated OBX Lifeguard
Love Rene'

Tight Lines!
Joe and Nell Malat

The Mrugacz Family
Johnstown, Ohio
Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Jeff and Sally

Jay & Robin Barnes
20 Years of Love & Laughs
June 1, 2011

Beach Going Bowen
Michael, Bonnie, Keith

TKS 4 Summer Jobs
Richard Thornton 1968-72
Bob Thornton 1967-70

Nags Head Bound !
Battle & Amanda Betts
Elizabeth City, NC

Double the Fun !
Lizzy & Parker Betts
Elizabeth City, NC

Dave and Marybeth
Scott and Brian

The Salmons
Roger and Lizzy

April 25, 1987
Jeff & Liz Gottermeyer
Listen To Your Heart

In Loving Memory
Mary Catherine Malenka
1954 - 2010

The Kerns Family
Marc, Tricia, and Makenna
Est. 2006

Bruce Grant Brown
Ashley and Sydney Brown
Joshua Grant Brown

Little fishy in
the brook come and bite
upon my hook - JEB

Tom and Lynn Thomason

Conservation & Wildlife
Chapter of NCWF

In memory of
Artur Waldner 3/31/2010
The Kerr family

The Lesters
Ted Rhonda & Kari (Hub)
Hurley, VA

The Demers
Marvin and Elizabeth
Isabelle Chloe Annie

Walk'n On Sunshine
Angelia Faith Bragg
Sept. 1985- Feb. 2007

In Memory Of
Paul R Mayo
"The Fisherman"

The Gregory Family
Bill, Susan, Maggie
John Matthew

The Jacobs Family
Ben Ashly, Sharon
Jack and Hampton

Love Outer Banks
Debbie Gregory Mallonee
Stacey Williams

Beach Dreams
Christi and Ryan
June 24, 2011

Settlemire Family
Novelty, OH

Big Sky Design
Interior Design for Pier!

In Memoriam
Dick Spitler

Dad 'Big Ed' Balsink
Gave Us Life Love & OBX
Enjoy the Morning Sun

David & Andi Angi
Centerville, Indiana
Visiting Since 1973

The Noel Family
Lynchburg, Virginia
Outer Banks Memories

The Jackle Family
Watch The Sun Go Down
Hear The Sea Roll In

Our Fishing Buddy
Eddie Bryant Harris
Love, Marlea & Jenny

Jennie Ruth & J.D.
Special friends&memories
Susan&Steve Fletcher

We Love OBX!
For Don, From Lisa

September 21, 1996
Steve & Becky Dunaway

The Baker's
Finksburg, Maryland
Established 2000

The Hicks Family
Chad, Angela, Bethany,
Jackson, and Shelby

In Honor of
Mrs. Jo Ann Davis

In Memory of
Preston Daniel Richmond
Dallas, Texas

Tristan Battey
Grandpa's Best Buddy

Bruce & Anna Biggs

In Honor of
Mark Joyner
Moore & Johnson Agcy

In Honor of All
Our Friends at NCAS
Moore & Johnson Agcy

In Honor of Jean
Kilgore NCAS Board Member
Moore & Johnson Agcy

Troy & Molly Ann
Outer Banks, NC

Graham & Ashley Dozier

Bill and Georgia Belk

To Honor
Atticus & Parker Bolyard
Kai & Aya Mori Jones

David and Sydney Womack

Thompson Family
Mike Debbie Ryan Madison
Matt Charlotte

In Memory of
Luis F & Sarita G Garcia
San Diego, Texas

The Bost Family

William P. Parker, Jr., MD

Vacation Memories
The Dennis Miller Family
Here's to many more!

Life's Good in OBX
The Tempesta Family
Uncasville, CT

Wish You Success
from Safari Ltd.
Educational Toy Co.

Ms."B" Haven Where
The Moon Always Shines!
We Love You Mom!!!

Thank God for the
sea's beauty and bounty
The Buckleys, Cols OH

In Memory of
David P. Floyd ("D.P.")
Love, the McGranes'

"Out The Wild Zoo"
The Felps Family

O.W. Maddrey
"a stone, a leaf,
an unfound door. . ."

The Ahern Family

Glory be to God
Walter & Pamela Phillips

Wes & Jacque Seegars

Nicholas & Dawn
Eleni & Theo

Dwight & Cheryl
Wadsworth, Ohio

Carolina Casters
Tony S. Garrett Sr.

Tony S. Garrett Sr
Tony S. Garrett Jr.
Tony S. Garrett III

John W & Harriett S Riley
Avery & Kendall

Charles M.K. Evans
Winborne H. Evans
Douglas A. Evans

Katie & Sam Utz

Wilson Family
Bryan, Whitney
Schuyler & Gavin

Waterfront Restaurant
Nags Head

Ann Maxwell

In Honor of Our
Grandchildren - Bill
& Mary-Hannah Taft

Janie & Carter Lambeth

Jane Smith Patterson

Lang & Keefe Gang
Stephen James Kristin '11
Thomas Ryan Cousins

In Memory of:
Henry Lee Shaffer
Youngstown, Ohio

In Loving Memory
Robert Venendaal

The Hay Family
Established 10/14/00

Digital Memories

Eugene Hillebrand
Some Beach Somewhere

JR Thompson

Leap of Faith
Chris "Danger" Beauvais

Betty & Buck Suiter

Emma & Zeph West

Great memories
from Sea Bird Court!
The Nibali Family

Lucky Lucky Us
The Cummings Family
South Nags Head

Our Grandaughters
Madison and Mackenzie
John and Patti Rogers

The Walker - Tuck
Vaughan - Davis

Loving memory of
Nancy Gregory
Cathy D Gregory

Barnette's of OBX
Chet, Nona, Marty,
MaryBeth and Henry

You are missed!
June Rittenhouse McClure

Paul & Joan Pulley
And Family

The Family of
Bill & Peggy Pulley

The Family of
Brad Pulley

The Family of
Kevin & Kristi O'Mellan

The Family of
Cain & Kari Hallman

The Family of
Trey & JoEllen Raley

With Honor & Love
William K Lindsey
Mary Ann Lindsey

Churchville, VA
The Kiracofe Family
The Shires Family

Hope Williams
Tom Bersuder
Jonathan and Edward

Peter & Darlene Young

In Honor of
the Families of
Art & Alice Keeney

In Loving Memory
Gracie Greene
1954 - 2010

In Loving Memory
Walter Stewart Waller
Remember "Sonny" Days

William M Boykin & Family

In Memory Of
Harry & Barbara Thompson
We Love You Mom & Dad

In Memory of
David L. Huth
Marie Nila & Families

Matthew Finn Huth
Son of Matt
Grandson of David

Hemming Family
Geoff, Kathy, Alex, Erin

Debra Kay Justice
"I Fish Therefore, I Lie"
Currituck, NC

John E. Bryant
Gone Fishin' Forever
1925 - 1993

Going Fishin'
Scott, Rebecca, Hannah
The Bryant Family

@ Dahlman & Keefe
Andrea Hannah Alexandra
Madison Joseph 5/11

Becky Holt
My sister, my friend and
OBX beach lover

Free as OceanWind!
ED & Karen "KJ" HISTED
Harbinger, NC 4/20/02

Ron & Cecile

In Loving Memory
Caroline Gallimore

In Memory of Lynn
Scarborough "Lynnie Bug"
A Beloved Funny Girl

Johns Family KH
Yayos Haley Chloe Ellie
Dave Heather Al Anna

Gr8 celebrating w/
family & friends! 9-18-11
Nan & Mike Roderick

Great Vision, Marc
With Love,
Saint and Bea

Harry R. Wilson
Tight Lines & Fair Winds

Denton Berline Spencer
Happy 80th Birthday!

The Berger Family
OBX Since 1977

~~We Love OBX~~
The Price's-Andy & Sharon
Emily & Nevin

It is what it is!
The Cox Family
Scott, Sarah & Connor

In Memory of
Toni A. Corsino
~ the Aquarium Family

Senator Marc Basnight

Neal Conoley
and Family

Beverly Eaves Perdue
May 21, 2011

The Hemingway's
Dr. George and Lynn

Rocco, Russell
Nan-Nan & Poppy

Tammy Jo Russell
Mom of Jessica & Jonathan
Daughter of Linda

In Loving Memory
Wilbert W. Whitson Sr.
Fair Winds&Calm Seas

Love Each Sunrise
Enjoy Each Sunset
Love Life - TR Rogers

Ian & Erin Patrick
July 4, 2011
Designing the Future

In Memory of
Melvin and Ruby Wright
Your Loving Family

In Loving Memory
Forrest and Eunice Cale
Gone Fishin'

"Go Fetch"
Mike, Robbin, Erin, Chris
Cookie, Sandi & Jamie

The Beach Babes
Amelia, Jeanne, Judy,
Margaret, and Peggy

Bink & Carolyn
Mt. Crawford, VA

National Active &
Retired Federal Employees
Chapter 2206 EST 1989

In Memory of
John and Madeline Lyons

Family Memories
Carol & Tom Bradlee

Great OBX Memories
Art & Pat Davis
Louisville, Kentucky

Saline Solution
Vince & Carol Mercer
Nags Head, N.C.

Josh Livesay
Loving Son Father Brother
I'll be Right here

The Branch Family
Stephen, Kenneth, Laura
Julie & Paul

Smitty and Sandy
Samantha and Nicklaus
Izzy Dog

Our Grandchildren
Cal & June Dixon
Mimi & Pop

For Ron, Annette,
Peter, Jean and Russell
Love Bobby & Melissa

In Loving Memory
Susan Archer
"A perfect beach day"

Dedicated To:
Horace & Edna Little
Evington, VA

For Jean Gregory
every fish was a nice one!

I waded my whole
life for you
Chris & Wendy Jones

In Loving Memory
Cecelia Telego
From Southern Rubies

In Honor of
David F. Gourley, Papa
From Kids & Grandkids

In Memory Of
B Jeanette M Gibson, CPA
New Bern, N.C.

In Memory of
JP Lankford Jr
Rodney Lankford

In Memory Of
William "Tom" Trueblood
Love Jennifer & Chris

The Gregorys
Nags Head

Dave Amy Lindsay Taylor
The Harrell Family

Jeff Christian
Art & Illustration

The Dale Family
Melissa, Jonathan,
Jack & Justin

We have loved and
Enjoyed Nags Head
Sheets-Darr Family

The Klauser Family
Brian, Amy, Eva, Rudy

Russell Judd Boone

Donna & Bill Myatt
Craig, Cara, Will & Tate
Matt & Jenny

In Loving Memory
Ray C. Jones
Faye H. Jones

If found . . .
Please return to
The Burkleys

In Memory of
Calvin Keith Furniss
Harrisburg, OH

Cat, Heather, & Tara

Anne Marie
Pascucci Hayes

In Loving Memory
Willy, Harley, Bocephus
Joe, Tish, Amanda

U.S. Navy SEAL (Ret.)
Love wife BIRD

Nags Head Forever
Susan and John Bothwell

The Streckers
Paige, Beth, and Rick
We love the beach

In Loving memory
Jerry and Michael Bailey
Jeffrey A. Treichel

In Loving Memory
Josh Stewart

The Sneads
Chuck, Chere
Lesley & Landon

Carson & Cooper
Austin, Morgan & Madison
Love, Bebe & Bubba

La Casa del Wacho
Mother Vineyard Rd
Fred & Joan Brumbach

Galup and Propst Family

In Loving Memory
Sonny Cobb "Pop-Pop"
Wade & Grace

OBX Memories
The Tenbusch Family
Since 1978

In Loving Memory
Warren Lashley Sakers

The Ogburns
Cliff, Joy, Mayson & Ella
Nags Head, NC

Scott, Nicole,
Gavin and Madison Rudy
Mechanicsburg, PA

what a great day!
debbie & jim millis

Jim & Jesse Millis
for the love of the area
Come on' Doc

Walter & Rosalie
tan on our faces,
sand on our feet

Outer Banks
Computer Repair
Tim Lusk & Dave Lusk

In loving memory
Stanley A. Krajewski, Jr.
5/24/41 - 8/13/10

Marv Frederick
In our memory forever
From Lee and children

Chris & Melody
Andrew, Ryan & Kyler-2011
Villa One Sea-Duck,NC

Shiver Me Timbers!
Nick & Maggie Cotter
June 2011

Eddie Sams pier fisher

In Loving Memory
Shirley Louise Clark

Cypress House Inn
The Peters Family
Bill, Veda & Stephen

Our boys
Daniel,Dusty Ray, Dylan

John & Vera Cole
Lisa, Summer, & Courtney
Richmond, VA

In fond memory of
Charles J Griesser III
Fishing somewhere!

Sadies hearts soar
Sun,Sand,Shells, & Waves
Koala Kove forever

Life's a Beach
Terry & Donna Evans
Nags Head

Allen "Graveyard" Skinner

Zachary Cole Ladd
May 18, 2011
Forever & Always

Rhett and Ashley
July 23, 2011

In Memory Of
John Edward Page
The Jomps-Wilson, NC

For our parents
David and Tami Griffin
We love you!

With Love Mom&Dad
Cash & Cassidy Stanley
Kailey & Damien Nagle

Matthew & Heather
Circa 1998

"The Hoovers"
Corky Jean
David Sarah Susie

In Memory Of
Suzette & Horace Bell
Family Currituck N.C.

In loving memory
of our favorite fisherman
John Neal

Reeling In
the Years since 1976
Wayne and Janet Evans

Stolat Fishing
The Lesiewicz Family
Kitty Hawk, NC

In Memory of
Bruce Kerekes
Friend and Fisherman

DENR Secretary
Dee & Emily Freeman

In Honor of
Ocean View Preschool
Love Olszewski Family

In Memory Of
Walter & Maggie Wells
Greg, Rhonda, Robert

deCamps, Husted
& Smith families -
Generations of Fun

In Memory Of
Our Son Dennis
Tim & Ellen Larkin

The Timbrooks
Michael and Sandra
May 8, 2009

Hooked On The
Outer Banks
Carol & Devon Seaman

Les Linda Sanner
Special Friends-Memories
Bill Donna Ed Geary

Dad & Mom Sartin
Thanks for the Memories
Marvin BJ Dale Connie

In Honor Of Dr.
Ernest Furgurson Founder
Brody Sch of Medicine

In Loving Memory
H.W. "Jack" Reynolds, Jr.
Donna, Chip & Vicky

Gary M Hill
Debbie H Winstead
Rocky Mount NC

The Blackfords
Bill and Raye Ellen

Mark R. McDade
I Have Spread My Dreams
Beneath Your Feet.

Jannett, Tom
Wimpy, Johnny

In Loving Memory
Of Elton "Pop" Miller JR.

The Gurski Family
New York Pizza Pub

Marlin Missie &
Mike "Moose" Smith
May 23, 2011

Lisa O. Everett
Any Fish Any Where

Good Times, Good
Friends-Carolyn, Neddy,
Ruth & Rocky

The Johnson Family
Blair, Alice
Kasey & Mark

In Loving Memory
Edward H. (Eddie) Hall
Richmond, VA

Riviello Family
Anthony, Amy
Vincent & Nathan

Fish On Charters
Mike Lori Cookie Mikey
Quit Wishin-Go Fishin

Clifton & Linda
Timmonsville, SC

Paul and Roberta
Fans of OBX

In Loving Memory
of Ralph Horne
Greatest Dad Ever

Loves of My Life
Lisa and Kaitlyn Burke

The Daniels Family
All the Grandchildren
Battleboro NC

Chris, Maureen,
Colleen & Shannon Lawrie
Fairfax, VA

Drew E. Hudspeth
Longer than always!
Love, NPC

John & Liz Croley
& Family

Noah E. Hardison
Noah E. Hardison, Jr.

Mildred Hardison
Isoline Gardner
Ann Hardison

In Loving Memory
Jimmy Bartley
Morgantown, WV

Cary Savage Jr DDS
Capt Liz Savage USN,NC

For Our Parents
Bill and Maxine Burke
Great OBX Memories!

The Mannings
Bill, Marcia
Aaron,Jordan & Landon

In Memory of
Jim Thomas

The Beckers
Pete Linda
Chris Jeff Jen

In Memory of
Wes Atkins (Poo-Pa)
from Avery & Charlie

The Konecznys
Lenn, Betty, Debbie, Kurt
& Dena - Northern VA.

Chris, Marc, Kory,
Denise & Ron Saxton
John L. Shipley

In Loving Memory
Florence & Herbert Leary
Fish On

Paws 2 Fish
Cindy & Murray Parker
Nags Head, NC

Joe & Wendy Mertz

Jenna & Matt
Hitt Contracting INC

The Halloran Beach
Family ~ Mitch, Jenn,
Emma, HopeAnn, & Rose

Earl Wolfe
Craigsville VA.

In Loving Memory
of Brian Wayne Pursell
12/5/1963 - 5/1/2011

Rachel Lynn
Victor Antonio
Elijah Rome

Dietz Family

Jesus Loves You
From: LaVonne, Ty
and Alicia Johnson

Arlene Day Carr
She laughed - She loved
Forever in our hearts

In Memory Of
Jack & Maxine Reckard
Who Loved the Ocean

Joe & Melissa

Petrovitch Family
Ed Trish
Mary Eddie Nikki

Eddie Maddie Rose
Kayleigh Landen Nellie
Belle "The Grandkidz"

Hamilton Family
Wayne, Kathy, Kim, Steve
Linda, Jeff, & Carly

Sara P. Ritchie

Carlee R Parker
Loving Grandaughter
Chuck and Debi Parker

In Honor Of
P.J. Hall
Morag Nocher, OBX, NC

In Loving Memory
From Her Children

The Mills
Richard and Laurie
Raleigh, NC

In Memory of
Wanda Marta Kopeck
1919 - 2010

My Love & My Rock
T & K Beijos 4ever
18 April 2010

Nick & Janey
Fun, Loving, and In Love
26 May 2012

Our favorites
McGuire & Griffin girls
Mia,Julia & Chloe

Dalton Kenner Hauser

Evelyn Savaria5-21-11

In memory of Hirsh
and his beloved
"Crow's Nest"

John Cindy Addison
Natalie Carter Emery
The Raleigh Olivers

Lynn Scarborough &
Carey LeSieur (In Memory)
Pam & Nancy Matthews

Jonathan & Kelly
for walking our plank

Jonathan & Kelly
sitting in a tree

In Loving Memory
of Richard & Emma Petty
Roanoke, Virginia

The Harringtons
Scott, Irene
Scotty and Christine

The Rahim Family
Bryce, Carson, Justin,
Camille, Brenda, Rick

In Memory of
Marvin "Munch" Katz
The Lancaster Family

The Cheringtons
David, Kimberly, Lindsey
Ben, Leah, Shayna

Rick & Jean Sabol
In Memory of Tom Sabol
PA - Nags Head

Happy Anniversary
Frances McGuire and
John Griffin 8/20/11

Dan, Pat, and
Daniel Hardy

In memory of Nanny
Papa, Morgan, Dianne, Sam
& The Rountrees 2011

Jim and Jennifer Prevatt
May 1, 2010

In Loving Memory
Ruby S Midgett
We Miss You Mom


Audrey & Brooke
Billy's Truck & Auto
Billy & Colleen

The Axselle Family
Mechanicsville, Virginia
MP 15 Nags Head, N.C

Memory of our DADS
Al Fockler&Walter Kelley
We Miss You -Earl&Pam

Harry, Marcia Seay
Scout, Carson & Kobe
Powhatan, VA

The Stearns Family
Lexington, Virginia
We Walked Here

In my life...
Shannon Marie Rankin
1983 - 2000

Nags Head a great
town with a great pier
The Keefe Family

Bob 'Big T' Toddy
Forever Fishing OBX
Keith L Friedrich

For Jim Deaton
With Love, Dee, Monya,
David, Maleah, Brooke

For Brant, Bobbie,
Claire & Charlie Murray
-The Crumpler Family-

McCrary MX#819
Mark Penny Jennifer Josh
Moyock, NC

In Honor of
Dr. William Mead
Love, Georgia Anne

Kevin G. Maharaj
Sunrise & Fishin with Dad
XOXOBX, Ava & Max

Caitlyn Caroline
Austin Mason Sophie Blake
xo Nana & Papa xo

The Dunsmore's
Dr. Mike & Diane
Matt, Tim & Tyler

Set your course by
the stars... ~ The Baker-
Coakley-Gromos family

Camden W. Holcomb
Katie J. Holcomb
love Nana and Gaddy

In loving memory
of Pete Manzione by
his son Don Manzione

In Memory of
Ann & Jr. Carper

In Honor of
Greg, Jenny and Hope

SPECHT Lanny Linda
Keisha Joshua Holli
Clarksville, MD

In Honor of
Fluff and Lil
The Corleys

To Our Family
We're Happy You're Here!!
Papa & Nannie Nye

Bill & Carolyn
Yancey & Our Wonderful
Family - Duck, NC

The Clarks & Lees
The Overeems & Raleys
Memories & fish tales

Jimmy Odell Bunce
1944 - 2008

Hooked on Love
Caroline & Allen
October 14, 2011

Ben, Abby,
Amy & Matt Fulk

"The Novak Family"
Big Ron, Ronnie, Crystal
"Just Hanging Ten"

The Beechams
Don and Judy
Nags Head, NC

Another Memory
Made with My Dad
Jim Hughes

We Love You Pepa!
Mitchell & Matt
Blake & Brittany

Our Grandchildren
by Sandy&Fred Burgee

Nettie & Buster
"forever always"

In Loving Memory
of Alvin Buchanan Sr.
Kathy, Renee, Alvin

Owen 2013 - Wayne,
Dianna, Ben, Kali, Silvia,
Jeremy, Nico, Amelia

In Loving Memory
Fred & Judy Fox
We Miss U Fox Family

Rich & Carol Hunt
Ken, Deb & Jacob Cox
Dinwiddie, Virginia

Phoenix Restoration

The Broom Family
Pat, Lisa, Colin,
Katherine, and Addy

In Memory of
Joy DiPaola

In Memory Of
Granddaddy Bill and Dinky
The Rickmans

In Honor of Mimi
Jordan, Hunter, Drew
Taylor and Joshua

Stanley & Jackie
Eric & Marcus & James
Perry's of Kitty Hawk

OBX Our Beach Home
James & Wilma Atkinson
Hopewell, Virginia

Good Luck Fishing
The Lou Sawicki Family

LoveTo Fish At OBX
Jim and Rob Rigatti
Roanoke, VA

Our Grandchildren
George Alexandra Caroline
Jonathan and David

"Keep'em Wet & Tight!"

In memory of
Fran and Louise

Live, Laugh, Love
Gilbert & Sue Radcliffe
From, Your Boys

For My Honey
Shirley Louise Clark
The Love of My Life

8/7/93 Thea&Scott
6/4/94The O'Neils
Cassidy & Zachary

In Honor Of
Bill and Kathy Hinton
Philippians 1:3

The Robison Family
Roanoke, VA

"Another beautiful
day on the OBX"
N.H. "Sandy"Sanderson

For our Grandkids
and Julsie Cummings

"Life is Good"
Happy B-Day Wanda Dickey!
Love- Lee, Sky & Rich

ricky harrington
fish on

June 4, 2011
Daniel and Kelli Griggs
Love Always

The Capertons
Joey, Lara, Megan & Ryan
Midlothian, VA

Lois & John Little
Nags Head
MP 13

W.O. and Sybil Commander

OBX Kelly's
Patrick & Karen
Sara & Ashley

In loving memory of
Karen P. Chase
"Our Angel"

Lynne Reynolds
5-star hostess
Beach friends 4ever!!

Clarence R Bryant
12/13/1934 - 2/13/2011
"Fish On"

The Whites
Rhett, Gwen,
Lamar & Owen

One Love
Ron & Mary Stanley
Richmond & OBX

Good Karma Cottage
Mile Post 17
Sue & Eddie Reid

The Mantica's
Bob & Eadie
"The Pearl"Kitty Hawk

Honor Our Family
Hedgepeth , Whitehurst
Tiblin & Crosen

In Memory Of
Samuel P. Moore, Sr.
Betsy & Sam Moore, Jr

The Giovengo's
David, James, Matthew

For Cora I. Harvey
From Fred & Ethel Harvey
Nancy, Lisa & Ginny

For Hunter
Our loved Outer Banks Dog

In Memory of
W L McLaughlin "Bill"

The Lee Family
Fishin the OBX Since 1965
Elkton MD / KDH NC

Joseph Hierholzer
Fisherman extraordinaire
1922 - 1988

David and Becky
1st Generation Masters
We Love Nags Head

David Jr and Paula
2nd Generation Masters
NC BBA 9000 and 12100

Mark and Michele
2nd Generation Masters
1-11-11 25th Anni.

Maria, Gina, Luke
3rd Generation Masters
Fish on Gina!

Hooked on the OBX
Mike & Sharon Paganelli
Kim & Jeff Osgood

Philip, Anne, Penn
DiGiulios, Phil, Marie
Matthew, Franny, TI

Paul & Saunders
Jack & Lois Sisk

In Memory of
Tom Tom
by Matthew Lewis

The Newbold Family
Donald Carey Liza & Riley
Fun & Sun 2011

The Bamonte's
Scott Lisa Taylor Claire
Hooked on the OBX!

Greg&Cindy Beatty
OBX'N together
since 2005

Dec 31, 2010
Jean & Al Marraccini Jr.
Retired NAVFAC

Billy & Deborah
Nicholas & Jennifer

Sandy Pause
Paul and Mary Jane Rubino
and Family

Kurt & Corey
Jake & Josh

Jose' & Dena
Lauren & Andy

Knight & Turner
John Linda Douglas Jodie
Kylie Cody Hannah

Jim & Mac Walerski
What Great OBX Memories
Dad, Mom keep fishin'

In Memory of:
David A. (Top) Topping
1921 - 2010

Philip, Laura,
Mike & Janine Wright

JW & Sarah
Married June 4, 2010

Anna, Caroline
Jonah Rose
Pamlico County 2011

Est. December 13 2003

We Love & Miss You
"Mom" Sandy Basnight
Marc, Vic & Line

U Taught Me 2 Fish
Vicki Basnight
Love You, Line

With Love
In Memory Of
Donny J. Buchanan

With Love
In Memory Of
Ray B. Wallace

Great Day To Fish
Tony and Linda Lombardi

In Loving Memory
of Junie Boswell
Arlena, Terri & Bubba

In Memory Of
Pleasant Eugene
Williams, Jr

In Memory Of
Livia Applegarth
Sept 2006-April 2007

Kimmerle Family
John and Norma
Mark, Chad and Cash

Buddy Johnson

Mark, Margaret,
Christian & Eric

The Mismas Family
Jim, Mary and Brad

Life's Messy
Clean it up!

Celebrating Life!
Honoring Bob Canfield
May 30, 2011

Pet, Christopher &
Kelsey Hunter
Daphne DeGabrielle

In Loving Memory
of Wayne Burkart, Husband

In Loving Memory
of Louis R Bizzarro III
Grandpa & Meema

Summer Camp!
Pier employees of 2003
Styron Jarvis

Our Loving Memories of
Donald Burt 1927-2010

In Memory
Parker O`Neil Bragg
8/5/1994 - 5/22/2011

in memory of the
best grandparents gladys
and junior simpson

Watch out for
Beverlie Gregory

Best Catch Ever
Celebrating 17 years
Stuart & Tanya Hale

Tucker & Tanner
David & Jeannette March
Suffolk, VA

The Oliver Family
Willard Erlene Woody Chad
& Diane OBX BeachNuts

The Focklers
Bill,Stacy,Tara & Marley
Hagerstown, MD

In Loving Memory
Lawrence Luebcke
1937 - 2010

Louise Keyes
Naomi Zirk
From Dale,Gail,Becca

Brady & Cody
1st OBX Vacation '11

The ZAK Family
Allen, Carol, and Clancy
Beautiful Memories

"Catch of my Life"
Celestino "CJ" Jacinto

In Memory of
Glenn T. Montgomery
Garde Bien

The Sayre Family
Michael, Valerie
Liam & Gracie

Williams Family
Smithfield, NC

The Perry's
Toby, Lori, &

OBX Adventures
Kites, Kayaks & Kamping
Leslie & Scott Hicks

Many OBX Memories
Harry & Verona Glascock
Visiting Since 1965

In Loving Memory
James R Horn (1947-2011)
New Castle, VA

In Memory of
Michelle McDaniels Carver
1974 - 2007

Allen A. Dickens
We love you, Papa
Gaston , NC

Tom McGrady Loves
Donna McGrady and Fishing

Lisa Draucker
Love you much

The Kuzma Family
Haymarket, Virginia

Gone Fishing
John Rita Brian Meredyth
Remembering Wild Bill

Love The Banks!
Charles & Susan Murray
Raleigh, NC

Fish tales told...
past, present and future.
John and Dawn Koenig

In Memory Of
Larry D Nycum, Jr
Mom Brandy Arion Lexy

Bill & Gloria
Eskridge 2011
Alexandria, Va

For our fishermen
Richard B. Norman
Kyle J. Kovacs

In Memory of
Doug Dashiell - Arrrgh!
Rick&Ginger Scott KDH

The Schroeder's
Mark & Carla
Elizabeth & Ellie

Ken and Mary Keith
Happy 41st Anniversary
Love from the kids

Brian, Melissa,
Christiane&Hailee Butler
Fork Union, Virginia

Bill Himes
Excellent Father
Adequate Fisherman

In Memory of
Wayne W Shingleton SR
Catch 'em " Daddy'O"

The Greenes
Joe and Gail
Fredericksburg, Va.

CSM Roger W Haller
January 20, 2007

The Stenners
Jake and Joy
Sam, Katy, Sara

The McGiverns
Art and Kristi

In honor of our
"Pop Pop" Tom Kerley
Love the GrandKids

The Nelms Family
Richmond, Va.
The Shell Seekers

Ron C. Lewis
Toano, VA
Catch & Release

Gone OBX Fishing
Russ Clark
Gastonia, N.C.

In Memory Of
Bo Black
3-18-65 to 10-23-98

In memory of
John C. Mason
who loved the Banks

The Mortellaro's
Jeff and Mary
Manteo, NC

Johnson Burgess
Mizelle & Straub LLP CPA's

Cahoon & Tetterton
Rebecca Cole Colin
Shellie Raleigh TJ

The Cahoon Family
Ronnie Sharon
Brad Tyler Crystal

The Ryland Family
for Andrew's 9th Birthday
June, 2011

"Atlantis @ South Beach"
8407 S Old Oregon Inlet
The Robins' Family

The Toppen Family
Thanks for the Memories
Greenville, NC

In Memory Of
Elizabeth Marshall Perry
January 1980-May2011

First Visit 1970
Julianne Scott Stephanie
Nancy and David Laird

Frank&Linda Santry
For Our Grandchildren
Nate, Jayden & Lily

For George Robbins
Marjorie & Nevin Wescott
By Pat & Ron Pilgreen

Paul&Gail Bredell
Thank God Were Here
Jeff Megan and Baby C

To Honor The
Moen and Todd

Tim, Michele, Charles,
Chris & Debby

Friends of
Dismal Swamp
State Park

Adam & Ali Garcia
"The Wedding"

In Memory
Patricia Cox Winegard
Wife and Mother

The Stovers
Bill, Roberta
Chuck, Ruth, Jarrett

Gone To See
The Fisher of Men

The Bradshaw Family

In Memory of
John Germershausen
1936 - 2009

Celebrating 60 yrs
John and Donna Seymour
Love, Your Kids

Kenn, Betsy, Jamie
& Georgia Haas
Sarah & Jim Callahan

Fred & Nancy Park
Kenn & Marilyn Haas

Jack & Jean
The Cruppeninks
Hopewell, VA

To Carl & Laura
Lilieberg for their love
of the Sea.

25th Anniversary
Myron & Bootsie Juliano

Billy and Donna
Stafford, VA

Jeannie and Paul -
Celebrating 50 Years of
Falling in Love! 2011

Loved from the
mountains to the tides!
Our mom, Beckalee

Gulls are Diving
Marsha & Larry Frost
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Fish are Biting
Scott & Stacy Frost
Kai & Hayden

Rods are Bending
Chris & Renee Frost
Robbie & Tanner

Ed & Bev Jennings
Midlothian, Virginia
Take a child fishing

Allen W. Wagoner
Meet you at end of pier
In loving memory

Enjoy Life
Sydney, Hope, Leigh, David

Wilkes & Annie

Roanoke, Virginia
Lewis & Lucy Buchanan
Great family memories

Our Grandchildren
Berry Staci & Madison
Dave&Linda Wigginton

Dunbar and Vallone Family
Crofton, MD

In Loving Memory
Michael Alexander Palese
We Miss You GrandPop

Fishing with Daddy
In honor of our Daddy
Nicky Ray Wagoner

Benny O. Marston
We LOVE you Dad!
Rodney,Susan,& Allen

In Honor of
The Vail Family

In Honor Of
Capt. D.B. Thurnher, USCG
From Your Family Crew

In Loving Memory
Sam Powell & Sandfiddler,
and Hazel E Powell

The Street Family
Jesse & Sandy Street
Kill Devil Hills 2011

Enjoy The Moment
Lifelong OBX Memories
Grams & Pops Renshaw

In Memory of
Bill and Anne Allen
Louisburg, NC

Fishing Memories
Robert Fulghum Barnes
Robert Thomas Barnes

John "Possum" Bracy
Happy Father's Day 2011
Love Sissy and Holly.

Butch Luke
Best Dad & Husband
Love Meg, Trey, & Deb

Zebulon T. Lawing
Mother, Mother Ocean I
have heard you call.

Ed Doniecki
Uncle Sonny Doniecki
John Doniecki

Wild Bill,Best Dad
&Papa-Good things come
to those who bait!

In Loving Memory
Joseph L Penn Jr.
Always In Our Hearts!

To Terry Efird
You're an amazing Dad!
Love, Patrick

Happy Fathers Day
Love, Jill & Josh

In Loving Memory
Theodore (TED) L. Albohn

In Loving Memory
Katherine Lynne Ehritz
Keep Fishing Kate

Sunny Memories
Megginson & Bowersox
Family & Friends

The Mattingly's
Colington Harbour

In Memory of Papa
William David Kebschull
Love, Madison & Malin

In Memory of
Bob and Dreama Carter
Covington Va & Manteo

The Reeder Family
Elizabeth City, NC

In loving memory
Richard Barnett
Ruth and Pat Trainum

Alexandra Lambesis
Abigail Lambesis
Moreland Family

In Memory of
Gilda and Ellis

The Ernie Padden
Still Making Memories

In Memory Of
Kathy M. Cybulsky

Rozum Family
Virginia New Jersey

Rozum Grand Kids
Jordan Tanner Kali
Emory Hawthorne Leia

The Burgesses
Gary Lesley Ryan Kelly
8 feet in the sand

In Memory Of
Bebe Daniels Jordan
and Robert S. Jordan

Dr Harry G Hager
Good Fishing
Harry Robert Ken Mary

Happy Father's Day
Vincent "Vinnie" Pietsch
Love, Your 7

In Memory Of
Fred E. Hosselkus &
Nancy M. Howe

In Memory of
Austin Scott Jones
1991 - 2010

The Dean Family
Hummelstown, PA

"When Is Now"
Harry & Cindy

Jimmy Howe

Distinctive Tile
Tom Lynn and Kids
Sit Smile Bait N Wait

Jeannette Noel Benton

Josh John Mike
Rodney Thelma Butler
K.D.H. M.P. 6

In Memory Of

J. Goodwin/S.Love
Lauren & Katie Goodwin
Megan & Leah Love

Thank You
DCAS Principal 2006-2011
Dr. Richard Martin

Living the Dream
In the Outer Banks
Keith & Angie MacKay

Jenny Becca
Lauren Henry
Mallory Kain

In Loving Memory
Jim Alonso
Clarksburg WV

Mike McDaniel
Marilynn Midgett
Forever in our Hearts

Jonathan Caleb
Adrianne Michael
Many Great Memories

Loving Memory of
Wash and Ruth Wright

The Davoud
families and the

Frances & Cecil
Wilkins~Virgilina, VA
They Loved The Beach

Joni and Cliff Cox
Edinboro, PA

Brackbill Family
Skip, Christine, Emelia
East Hampton, CT

Jim,Gladys Adkins
50th Anniv. 1961-2011
Rustburg, VA

Memory of T. Butts
Jimmie & Joyce Bohannon
Roanoke Rapids, NC

For Berta Holloway
Who Called Nags Head Home
From Karen and Berta

In loving memory
Capt James P Boland

Listen Love Laugh
Evan Darryl Franklin

In Memory of:
Douglas Clayton Turnage
1954 - 2011

Something's Fishy
In honor of Reibel Family
Dr Don & Judy Reibel

Michael Wayne Reed

Todd Steevens Farrand

In Memory of
Betty Duckworth Farrand
1929 - 2004

In Memory of
Philip Steevens Farrand
1923 - 2004

Charles H. Whedbee
Bard Of The Outer Banks
1911 - 1990

Bryan, Johnette, & Katy

Team Sheils
Duncan, Maria, Carly,
Cameron and Oliver

The Stanley Family
Summersville, WV
June 2011

Our Baby Girl
Amanda Dare Clifton
2-6-1982 / 5-8-1998

Life Is Good!
Carolyn & David Harrell
Kill Devil Hills, NC

For Augustus Perry
and Lessie Jordan Perry,
who loved to fish

Archie T Applegate
and Family

In honor of
Joyce Lytle Hines

In Loving Memory
Laura Belle Lewis
Agnes Marie Tarpley

Happy fishing Dad!
Cole & Matt Howard 2011

The Miller's
Craig * Stacey * Tyler

Kill Devil Hills
Gibson and Esther Whitley
Future Oceanography

Kim, C.J.,GreggGoldstrohm

THE J.~EL C.....

Bob & Rose Hetzell
Allen, Jason, Brian

In Loving Memory:
Roy C. "Buzz" Thomas
Husband, Father, Pap

The Hawk Family
Kevin Katrina Aaron
Bailey and Gabrien

We love OBX
Justin & Ashley Johnson

In Memory of
The Beeckler Family

In Memory Of
William S. Aiken, Jr.
"Duke of the Dunes"

OBX "Jamboree"
The Jambor Family
2011 Reunion

In Loving Memory
Ronald Reid Eason
06/11/43 - 08/12/07

Berkeley Family
Carter, Campbell, Matt
Arch and Donna

Frischkorn Family
Roger & Lynn
Alexa, Jonathan, Evan

Beach Girls
Friends Forever
Almost Heaven

Treasured OBX Memories
You gave us the fever

The Sheweys
John Alice Page Laura
Buena Vista, VA

Super Dave & Andi
Thanks for the Memories
"Gooberz to da Beach"

Canine Cabana
(252) 441-7517

In Memory Of
Kenneth Ralph Wright

Swart Reunions
Thanks For The Memories
The Grandkids

In Memory of Aunt Shirley
Uncle Shorty & Alene

In Honor Of
HiGeorge & Leah Shields
Love, Erin & Brenton

Dorothy and Martin
In Memory of Mattie
Our Beloved Golden

The Wiley Family

Carson Eric Jones
Walker George Jones
From Granddaddy Jones

Life is Good!
Rich and Cathy Harmon
& Family

In Memory of
Jack D. Cooper
Selinsgrove, PA

In Memory of
Albert M. Loss
Mifflinburg, PA

George & Inez Taylor
Sea Lovers Forever

Rich & Linda Bauer

Joined Together Forever
August 20th, 2011

To The Memory Of
Jane and Jim Gouldin

Dad loved fishing
Fred and Jenetta Deal

Charles and Nancy
Semper Fidelis

Thanks Nena & Papa
Sam, Mac, Bennett & Ollie
Lifelong Memories

Fifteen Years Of
"Beachgiving" Memories
Brest, Ledbetter, VDB

The Jessee Family
Wayne, Diane & Spartacus
Verona, Virginia

Luv Shack 20 Years
Doug & Diana Nelson
Happy Anniv. 7/13/91

In Loving Memory
Jack "PopPop" Salb
The Salb Family

In Loving Memory
Donald (D.O.) T.Owen
our special pl Linda

Jeff-Lisa Carraway
My Every Thing
My Only Thing

In Loving Memory
Kathleen E. Johnson
1946 - 2010

A generation of
Outer Banks memories.
Dave & Jessie Tolley

Rodney & Jasmine
A forever family 6/28/10
Eric & Emily Saidi

We Love You!
Grammy and Papa Sarach
The Grands

Bailey Ann Petty
March 15, 2000

In Memory of:
Robert R. Allen, II

Loving OBX since
1976, Our Grandparents
Lu & Carl Cavallaro

In Memory of
"Mister Jack"
The Loomis Family

In honor of
Tribe Shark Week
Est. 2007

Bee G's Cottage

Slaughter Family
Raymond, Carolyn
Marcus & Evelyn

Wedding Wishes
Benjamin & Lauren Wakeley
July 16, 2011

*Joseph and Karen*
Jonathan, Steven, Anthony
Rose and Atlee Maples

The Boudreau's
Jason & Michelle
Lauren, Jared & Jenna

Todd&Cindi Starkey
Married June 14, 2011
On the Beach MP 18.5

Joe & Lisa Wruble
Thanks For The Memories
David & Jen Love You

In Memory of
Eva and Alec Iwanik

The Sumners
Bob Debbie & Amy
1990 & Counting

In Memory of
Mike Nauta
"Gone Fishin"

The McBride Family
North and South
OBX Lovers

Nags Head Memories
The Evans Family
ER Sandra Deda Stacy

Gone Fishin'
Irma and Lindsey Hopkins

The Gins Family
Richard, Johnnie, David
Eric, Michelle, Elise

Brian R. Fenzl
11/01/83 - 03/30/11
Love, Mom and Dad

Jerry & Sandy
Eternally Yours

The Harrison's
Rich Carrie Faith Austin

Married 66 Years
John & Gerda Tigchelaar

John & Gerda Tigchelaar
Family Vacations

Let Us Rejoice!
Joanne & David Rhodes
Bingo Sam Gracie Jack

Remembering . . .
Trudy Ward Parker
"Queen of the Beach"

Charlie Wyman and
Patty Karpowicz

"It's about time!"
Kevin Schwartz
July 16, 2011

In Memory of
Marjorie & Delma Anderson
Richmond, VA

Don Cunningham
Alan Cunningham
NC Citation Winners

Endless Memories
Mike, Kim & Ryan Nicole

Betty and Bossieux
Memories with you at OBX
will last a lifetime

Happy Anniversary!
Love Temple, Magic, Paige
and Sammy - 6/24/11

In Memory of
Gary L Wood Bedford Va.
Our Beach Buddy

William John Stinger

Haletsky Family
Beach'n Thru The Years
Since 1984 OBX

Edward L. Webster
With Love & Gratitude
G, J, M, T, IN3D 2011

In Memory of
George & Lula Ashman
Amelia, Virginia

We Love OBX
Bob & Pat Shiels
Richmond Heights, OH

G. E. Hanzlik, Sr
Husband, Dad, & Pops
Love & Miss You -2011

Allan R. Daniels
Rose, Victoria, Allan TR.

Love & Memories
Paul & Valgene Muha
Barry, Penny, Heidi

In Loving Memory
William "Billy" L Wilson
Cullipher-Wilson 1969

Cullipher - Wilson
Williams Wlodyka Hartmam
Brett Dixon Ward 2011

The Haller Family
25 Years Plus

Outer Banks
Anglers Club
Est. April 28, 2008

In Memory of
Richard Proctor
Rocky Mount, NC

H. Lee Riddle, III
fished here as a child
Happy 71st! 7/31/1940

In Memory Of
Buddy Hamlett
Barbara & Family


The Hamlett Family
Caroline, Elizabeth
Eddie & Denise

To Our Boys
Devyn, Stanton, Reegan
Love Mom & Dad

In Loving Memory
Papa George - We Miss You
(George G. Voss )

The McDonough's
Joe Diane Joey Tara Tamma
Still Making Memories

Loving Memory of
The Costanzo Family

Jerry&Wendy Riddle
Chambersburg PA.
Take A Kid Fishing

In Memory of
Pappy Woollen

Jeffrey and Sallie

Jim,Debbie Millis
We love you
Emily Hiatt

In Memory of Bill!
Boldly Creative & Loving.
Artistic, Precise.LOL

In Loving Memory
Robbin Hoggard Blake
Robert, Minnie, Lewis

The Rheingrovers
Andrew & Kira
May 29, 2010

The Straubs
Rick, Lauren,
Kira & Courtney

Sea King

LAAB with love to
Drs. Fern & Al Sjoerdsma

Loving Memory of
Rose and Ben Zimmerman

Merrill Lynch OBX
John E. Searing, CFP(R)
Tom Dickson, CRPC(R)

In loving memory
Hans Huebner
Still Fishin!

In Loving Memory
Tommy Fuquay, Jr.
Lora Lee Rachel

Tom, Lennie
And Elisabeth Busch
Bloomington Indiana

In Memory of
Howard & Virginia Mease

In Loving Memory
Anne and Bill Hamblin
Portsmouth, VA

PaPa Grandma Doug
Teresa Sheila Phil Taylor
Mary Shay Caroline

Keep Sailing Away
We Love You

Poppa Jerry Ross
Oh, how you are missed!

Grandpa Jerry Ross
Forever Loved-Beth, Sean,
Con, Cam, Meli & Eli

OBX Memories
Roger & Carol Baker
1973 - Now

Gone Fishing
In Loving Memory
Jeff Woodward

In Loving Memory
John T Kelly PGA
The Kelly Family

In Memory of
T E Ward Jr
Ahoskie, NC 1918-2010

For My A-Team
Amy, Ava, Annabelle

In Honor of ...
James F & Ruth S Watson
Family Times in OBX

The Waltons
Mike Kerry Hayleigh Chris
Vienna, VA

Helen Carol
Favorite Aunt & Sister
The Haverstick Family

To all the happy
Years celebrated here
The Stewart Family

1st Flight Rotary
Kill Devil Hills, NC

VA Slims/Fishing
Judy Pruitte Ragsdale
In Memory-Sister/Mom

Loved to Fish/Hunt
Barbara Pruitte Clifton
In Memory-Sister/Mom

Grandma Beach
Jerelene Pruitte Scott
I'd Rather be Fishing

Vincent Seay

In Loving Memory
of Our Son Kevin Lawall
"Fishing in Heaven"

Charles, Angel,
Allison, & Ashley

Suwena & Dave Huff
Starfish in a Sea of Fish
The Falcones

4Ever N Our Hearts
John "Jack" E. Medeiros
Shirley, Corb & Peter

Ralph & Jenny
Franklinton, NC

In Loving Memory
Jane Dale Holcomb

OBX Bound
William Brandon Johnson
Stafford, VA

Darren, Casie and
Evan Johnson
Hopedale, OH 2011

In Loving Memory
Ernest & Ruth

Feel the Breeze
Wayne & Beckie Childers
Disputanta Va.

Jackie Childers
March 19, 1989

Bill & Helen Crean
Happy 50th Anniversary
Kilkenny, Ireland

Happy Birthday
Ed Doss
Get the "NET"!

Love the OBX
Tommy and Susan Bragg
Grandview, WV

Joshua Lee Miller
7/09/1990 - 7/12/2000
Son - Brother - Uncle

JaymaxX, L.L.C
Chip & Linda McIntyre

The Andersons
Reed Connie Jamie Jody
New Park, Pa

In Loving Memory
Julius & Loretta Hachtman
Southern Shores, NC

Mark Palumbo says
"Quit Wishing Go Fishing"
Let's Go Mountaineers

The Family Of
Doris & Charlie Parsons
Memories Forever

In Memory of
Big Herb from West Piney

In Loving Memory
Chiz & Doll Critchfield
Nags Head Since 1970

In Loving Memory
Nell L. Wise
1921 - 1990

In Memory & Honor
3 "JOLLY" Fishermen

Rex & Arlene
Carolina Custom Cabinets

McCreight Clan
45th Anniversary Trip
June 2011

Celia Rife
Jackson & Jaelyn Pittman
George, Cindy Pollock

Fishin 4 U PopPop
We Love U & Miss U
Ashley & Ryan

In Memory of
Stan "Butch" Kulikowski
Kulikowski & Baker's

down on the sand
Grace-Kelly & Eddie

In Memory of Poppy
M.Don Helms III-1946-2011
Andrew and Ryan

In Memory Of
Bill Shanaberger
With Love Your Girls

In Memory Of
Capt. Henry Lohmann USCG
6-15-31 ~ 5-2-06

Bernans Family
John Nancy JR Jessi Jacob
Our Second Home

In Memory Of
Will and Helen Gaither
Elizabeth City, N.C.

Kaitlin Kazanjian
Our Beautiful Angel

Bob & Mary
Schroeder and Family
Great Falls, VA

In Memory Of:
Herb & Carol Eggleston
Grandpa & MeeMaw

I am my beloved's
Anne & Jeffrey Cotter
August 2, 2008

W. Alan Parker
Reel Diamond
Luv Punkin & Alan A.

Nicholas & Tracy
Charlottesville, VA

Nicholas and Ruth
Charlottesville, VA

The Mollner Family
John Mare Ericka and Brad
OBX lovers since 1983

The Flournoys
Bob, Debbie, Morgan, Greg
Washington, Va

In Memory of
Matthew Novakovich
Happy Family Memories

The Moores
Chuck, Diane, Adrianne
Washington, Va

In Memory Of
Richard Edward Nock
1937 - 2007

Blessed we are!
Justis & Bobi Jordan Orry
Jaden Jack Fisher

Betty, Dora, Fred,
Wesley and Wilda Liverman
Winton, NC

Billy W. Horne Sr.
We Love and Miss You
Love Your Family

Great Memories!!
Mark Jakki & Ashlee "AB"

In Honor of
Granddaddy Coy Harbeson
From Williams Family

Jerry Monger
was here in 2011
with his fresh Catch

Joshua Smith
was here in 2011
catching Blues

In Honor of
Ebb and Judy Rosson
50+ years of love

The Michel Family
Duck, NC

Kevin, Susie, Adam
and Andrew Wojcikewych
Cary, NC

In Memory of
Betty L. Steinke

Service Above Self
Kitty Hawk Rotary Club

Carroll Felton
My best friend My love
Wendy Felton

Emma Leigh Jones
Pura Vida!
Love, Mom & Dad

The Miller's
Established Nov. 18, 2006
Downingtown, PA

Mark R. Jones
35 years of OBX memories
And making new ones!

Tracey, Chris
Natalie & Noelle Anderson
Oakton, Virginia

Good Times Live On
Pap and Granny Thompson
Finleyville, PA

Herb, Dad, Grandpa
We Love You
From Gert and Kids

In Loving Memory
Richard W. Bowling
Love, Joyce, Lisa, Bo

In Memory of
Mary & Bill Hanish - WVA
They loved the ocean.

Tee Loves Susan
Always & Forever
2011 -

Lifetime Memories
Michael Sandy Austin Cyra
August 21 2011

Linda Gaspari
Carol Hand
July 2011 Ridgway, PA

In Loving Memory
of Vernelle Henderson
The Henderson Family

Sheri Taylor Ryan
Forever In Our Hearts

Walk the pier
with Dorothy & David
Love-The McDaniel's

Jerry and Joanne
Jennifer Norris Russell
Jerry Warren NorrisII

For David Storey
Who Loved To Fish
Love, Your Girls

Forever Loved
Floyd Conti 10-26/5-11
Mike Daniel 8-53/6-11

Captain - Dean Johnson
Mate - Kathy Hall

With Love For
Brenda H. Conley, NNK VA
Alison, Mack & Aleric

In Memory of
Gene Craig
St. Louis, Missouri

The Penn Family
Cortland, Ohio
Love the OBX!

El & Jim St. John
Big Island, Va

Weingart Family
Phoenix, MD

Vivian G. Weedman
Happy 95th Birthday
We Love You, Gram!

Dedicated to
Claude & Beulah Mutter
With all our love

In honor of my dad
and fishing buddy, Gary
Lilley - Love, Brooke

Hampton, VA
Kent and Debbie Davis
Fishing & Stitching

The Sheehan Family
Chester, Va

08/25/33 -12/09/05
Casting and Netting with
the Master of the Sea

In Memory of
Jim Drabeck
3/23/57 - 4/23/11

The Hutchersons
Ken & Paula
Corey & Tracy

In Memory of
Craig Price,Best"Unc"Ever
Susanne,Danny & Chris

Gone Fishing...
Ron and David Strawser

In Memory of
Leonard & Hazel Lohman
Love - Their Children

Nancy + Bobby
"I will follow you..."
9-10-11, MP 16.5

The Turner Family
Brad, Mary Ann, Elana, Ali

JPO SOX Henrico,VA
6-14-42 OBX 6-12-11
Char & Steph O'Shea

In Honor of
Emily & Drew Wayland
"Big Wave Kimosabe"

John & Peggy Jones
Emporia, Va

Great Memories
in OBX!
Colby Pfister

In Loving Memory
Ruth and Howard Schleiden
We miss you, The Kids

The Poole Family
Bill, Alison
Jackson, Aaron, Chase

Brandon & Kayla
November 23, 2011

In Memory of
Dave Pitler
1955 - 2011

The Fohs Family

In Loving Memory
Brian Kelly Edwards

"Two of Gods
Greatest Catches"
JC&Eleanor Morris

Bill Sharon Rachel
Wes Jeff Terri Willis2011
Cindy Courtney Free

In Memory of
Robert B. Baker
We love you!

In Memory Of
Jamie Delaney Evans
Your Loving Family

Love Seaside Life
Warren & Cindy Waymack
Estab. 1996

In Memory Of
Ronnie James Gilbert
12/2/1958 - 4/01/2010

The Ferari Family
Since 1970

The Colvins
Gordonsville, VA

10/06/23 -11/11/04
I'm in Heaven.."

In Loving Memory
Juanita Runyon
From Your Children

NagsHead Tradition
Bierer, Collins, Davis
and Whalen Families

In Honor of
Grandma and Grandpap

We Miss You Papa
Paul T. Lang Sr.
9/26/28 - 1/17/09

Glynis & Savannah
Mom and Dad

Gram and PawPaw
Your Little Sand Crabs
Love E, G, S

In Memory of
Fred Leslie Foster
3/3/1938 - 9/9/2006

We Love You
Leslie, Brian, Dolan
Hinson and

Stacey, Cary,
Ethan and Sara King,
Johnsie Foster and

Laura, Brandon,
Jonathan and Emily Rouse
Never Forgotten

S Michael Williams

Lindsy M. Jarvis
1979-2009 Southington, OH
In Loving Memory xoxo

To MTB & PEB Jr,
Thanks for great summers!
Love Kids & Grandkids

In Loving Memory
Bill & Doris L Smithwick
By Billy & Ellan

In Loving Memory
Flordia Jennette Williams
Nina WilliamsPittman

Diegelmann Family
Bob, Penny, Sarah, Laura
Ryan, Stephen, Scott

Dickie Zuskin Family
Prince George Co., VA

Mr. and Mrs. Al Washington

OBX Memories!
The Maish, Tipson,
and Knorr Families

In Loving Memory
Joel Christopher Harrell
12/30/67 - 7/28/10

Billie Day Wilmoth
Our loving Mom and Nan
Missed in Nags Head

May 5, 2012
Michael & Stephanie Diehl
Tied the Knot

DPS and Joyce,
May God Bless You Today,
Tomorrow, Forever.ICL

In Loving Memory
Lew, Tom, & Bob
The Shafer Family

Fishing the OBX
Theodorakis Families
Past- Present- Future

In Loving Memory
Frank W. Adkisson

D. Wayne Waters
Man, Myth, Legend

OBX Family Traditions
Dave & El Standiford

Denise Burke
Shared her love of
life with us

The Catlett's
Tim, Kim, Allison, Rylie

OBX Always & 4Ever
Melanie & Chris Edmunds
Family and Friends

In Loving Memory
Don Turner
We Miss You

Stairway to Heaven
Bill & Mary Riddick
Raleigh, NC

Two Sons & A Star
The Murphy Family
OBX since 1993

In Memory of
Jack W. Abercrombie
Williamsburg, VA

In Memory of
Francis W. Meekins, Sr.
Virginia & Family

In Memory of
Red & Anna Holloman
Virginia & Family

Some of the Best
Memories Had and to Come
Bob & Denise Sabol

In Loving Memory
Wanda & Page Brown

Corinne Spencer
Our Family Beach Bum
Summer of '82

To "Mema & Poppy"
Willard & Erlene Oliver
Love, Woody & Chad

Coggins and Birckhead
OBX Memories

7/19/41 - 6/26/11
Robert "Bob" Ramsey
Cleta, Angel, Darlene

Bruce & Diane
Love Fun & Sun
Since 1972

happy times with
Club Sea Foam

Walt &Trish Spence
Spence's Pest Control Co.

Forever Memories
We miss you Brian
The Geslers

Paladino & Wilson
Family Vacation Memories
Since 1979

The Missing Peace
Curt & Terri Zimmermann
Suz, Ty, Riley, Austy

Stop the Lies &
Throw Back th Little Guys
FishRULE, Inc.

Jay and Shawn
Always in our hearts
Gary,Jan and Family

Braccini Family
of Ramsey NJ
Kitty Hawk 1984

In Loving Memory
Johan Mc Kinnion LeBude
1942 2010

The Riveros
On Spotted Tavern
Fredericksburg, VA

OBX Paddlers Club
Dick Fryklund, Founder'90
Who has chocolate?

Jay, Debbie &
Natalie Cook -
Angie & Mike Burns

bob & ilse diasio
children & grandchildren
birmingham, al

Generations of
Great Memories! Ainsley-

Mac, I love you
& Our summers in OBX.
Pass them on! Mom

In Memory Of
Francis Marvin Hudgins

In Memory Of
James Wright Hudgins, Jr.

Gorman Young
Lawrence Griffith
The Hoflers

Charlotte Ross
My Happy Place Always
July 25, 2011

Milton Rouss Boyd
Cherished Memories
Your Son & Family

In memory of
our favorite boat captain
Ken Cofer

Big Mama-Big Daddy
Mildred and Philip Waters
Windsor, NC

"Beach glass,
bisque, and my baby."
Kris and Richard Kolb

Irene & Beanie
Fishin' Forever

The Fishers
Mary Beth, Mark,
Mason & Maria

Tom Keating Clan
Sarah, James, Erin & John
Moses 7:18 One Heart

The Family Of
Carl W. Stewart
"Happy Times"

John & Evie Smith
Carl & Louise Stewart
Love your grandkids

6 FRIENDS 5/10/90
Billy, David, David
Doug, Jimmy, Ronny

In Loving Memory
Bill & Nora Davenport
OBXers for 60+ years

In Memory Of
Guy and Mary Hobbs
Edenton, NC

Barbara J. Spink
50 years of memories
With Love Frank

Walter W Spence Jr
Richmond Va
Memories last forever

In Memory of
Toni Cole
Writer, Activist, Mom

Dear Ruby Leppard
Blue Waters Motor Court
Nags Head

In Memory Of
Elaine C. Brackbill
Skip, Chris, and Emmy

Edna Earle & Mac
Marc, Susan & Ross

Tom & Hollace
Spence Family
Williamsburg, VA

"Boo" and "Gran"
Jo and Herb Shelly
Nags Forever

Kitty, Rich,
Jennifer, Lauren,
and Troy Brant

In Loving Memory
Jeanne Moore Davis
6/3/1958 - 4/29/2011

Papa's Best Bud
"Go Fish"

The Catlett Family
Carter, Karen,
Carter IV and Huston

Rich&Twyla Weaver
With Love & Thanks
From all your family

In loving memory
of Alta Eudailey who
loved fishing here

In Memory of
Alice Hilliard Weaver
Your Loving Family

Happy Anniversary
Michael & Patricia Thomas
July 30, 1982

In loving memory
W Norman Barlow Jr
Gone Fishing

Blandy C. Haynes
Fisherman, Fisher of Men
& Faithful Servant

Mandvere's Clam
Dream Deep Grab Life
Ocean Air Sandy Feet

In Memory Of
Garry "Steven" Payne, Jr.
Who Loved the OBX

Jordy. Ashley
Jenna Makaira & Isla
Take me fishing!!!

The Mansfield's
A fish-oholic family
Love from Michigan

Save The Oceans
Shayla Colin Cameron Gino
The Pruitt GrandKids

The Kramer Family
Toes in Sand Beer in Hand
Kipp Carol Dan Katie

In Honor of Tess Poe
Carolyn, Jane and Pati
Sisters of the Ocean

Bryson & Warner Perry
Freddie & Cate Mills

Great Memories OBX
With Family and Friends
Nina Banks Fowler

In Memory of
Ralph Maxwell and
Ellen Maxwell Lewis

In Loving Memory
Michael S Grimesey
The Crew of 1615

The Peyton Smith
Family loves OBX !
We miss you Papa !

In Honor of
Richard "Dickie" Mayton
My OBX Fish-er-man

Beach Memories
With Our Parents
Jack & Betty Bryant

Lyn Amos

In memory of
E. C. "Runt" Ryman
Harrisonburg, Va

Beach Lovers 4ever
James & Carol Rauen
Colington Harbour

In Loving Memory
Kenneth S. Janke, SR.
May 1934-July 2011

Jovenal & Victoria

Braden & Rachel
Began their life together
here on Oct 8, 2011

Happy 55th Anniv.
Capt. & Mrs. Fortenberry
Love the Kids 8/25/11

In Memory of
The Howard Family

In Memory Of
Joseph E. Jennette, Jr.
Our "Pop Joey"

The Fewell Family
Amos Vicki Brock Heath
Nags Head N,C

Ralph Easton
Forever In Our Hearts
James J. Mellon

Happy in OBX!!
Cory, Lisa, Carly, Alexa
& Savannah

Life by the Ocean
Mike, Aubrey, & Marin

We Live We Laugh
We Love & We Fish!
John & Vicky Hamilton

In Loving Memory
Joanne Harris

For "Nanny & Dee"
Betsy & Dick Ellington
MP 16.5 Memories

In Loving Memory
Harold Mitchell
Our "Pop"

In Loving Memory
of Luther & Mamie Modlin
and J. T. Edmondson

In Loving Memory
Joshua Lee Reese
Your Loving Family

The Crist Family
Matt, Ashley, Maryn
Colonial Heights, VA

The Wills Family
Sam, Jonah,
Greg & Stephanie

By the sea....
The O'Connor Family
Shawn, Amy and Ruby

Bob, Christine,
Harris, and Sam Sciabica

To Shane Moore
Enjoy The Ride
Love, Mom

Everett, Pam
Sydnie & Brandon
Mechanicsville, VA

In Memory of
Carlton R. Armstrong, Jr.
Your Loving Family

In Honor of
Christopher Armstrong, Sr
Your Loving Family

Save the Planet!!
Kathy and Rick Robinson
Bloomsburg, PA

In Honor of
Grace Isabelle Diehl

Luv OBX Since 1972
The Martuccio Family
Warren, Ohio

Mom & Dad Fasching
Thanks for OBX memories!!
From Your Loving Kids

In Loving Memory
of Willow and Shiraz

With Love for
Robert A. Kelly
We Really Miss You!

In Loving memory
Mary Alice (GAGA) Boykin
Matt ( BIG T ) Boykin

Dak Millis
Pier Surfer

Megan & Mariah
Lots of OBX Fun & Laughs
I Luv You! Auntie Tam

James Susan Joshua
Sabrina Austin Ayden

Michael W. Clatterbuck

The Hubbard Family
Ron, Marilyn, and Melanie
Many fond memories.

The Bradens - John
Chris, Jim, Jeff, Charity
Andy, Heather, Amanda

Food for our Soul!
Miles, Ginay, Garrett and
Karin Robinson

Loving memory of
Mary Ellen "Mimi" Gasiuk
Jim, Peg & Ryan Park

Love to our 2 boys
Wyatt & Evan Aideuis
GiGi and Grandaddy

In Memory of
Mary and Arthur Stevens

Ginny and Jack
Linda, Joe, and Lia

Robin Elrod Austin
Charlie Neenan
Our Spirits Live Here

Fishing in Memory
of "POP" Jimmie A Hammond
Bob Deb Zach Savannah

Armstrong Family
Steve, Tammy, Brandon
Justin and Aaron

July 22,2011

George Phillips
Jennettes Veteran Angler

By the Sea, By the
Sea, By the Beautiful Sea
Nevie Thille Smith

Charmin Harmon
Your spirit lives forever!

In Honor Of
Jane Waring & Pete
2 OBX Loving Sisters

Our Grandchildren
Baylor & Ellen Gallagher
Samuel Sturt V

Loris Longest
70 Great Years
Happy Birthday Butch!

In Memory of
Richard W. Heid

In Memory of
Levie and Thelma Dilday
Anglers at Heart

In Loving Memory
Jim Johnston
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dad and Rick
Miss you at

The Hill's
Marvin, Jan, Andy, Jenni
Est. August 7th 1971

They Loved HI/OBX
Harry & Athleen Leonard
Dianne Shartzer

Call 800-434-5488
For OBX Real Estate INFO

In Memory Of
John Edward Austin KDH,NC
Love, Emily A Harvill

In honor of
25 years and counting
Baskettes and Youngs

Abigail, Bradleigh
Kailyn, Vienne
Duman Grandkids

Don & Paula Perras
Live in NY but Love OBX

Tom & Kristin
Love Mom & Dad

August 3rd 2011
Sarah Eadie Ankeney
Love your new family

Marianne B. Zajdel

In Memorry of
Arch and Hardaway Marks
Hopewell, Virginia

Robert W. Jones
Happy Fishing, Dad!
Love, Crystal

To my parents
John & Ashlei Voshell
- Your son, Jasyn

In Loving Memory
of Patrick Massey
5-7-1957 - 9-21-2010

In Memory of
Ann H. Daniel

Maria Verinder
In Our Hearts Forever
Mom, Grandma, Friend

The Master Meister
C.Reidemeister 1905-1999
Old Man in the Sea

Angela Kim Dalton
Fairfax, Virginia

Mark Bechtel

In Loving Memory
of Jeff Absher
Loved By All

In Honor Of
Capt "B.C." Buddy Cannady
Love, The Griffin's

In Memory of
Barbara Good
She loved the OBX

Notarthomas Family
Life is what you make it,
So dig your toes in!

The Beedle Family
35 Years of Fun
at Nags Head!

Thanks Mama
"G"enie Marks Councill
For Happy Memories!

The Hartmans
William, Irene
Rick, Pamela, Timothy

John W. England
Chester, VA, "PaPa"
Always in our heart !

Always and Forever
Joe & Lindsay Kovach
May 27, 2012

The Flournoys
Richmond, VA

Our Beach Bum
Riley Carlton Misenis
January 8, 2010

Pete Harris &
Dave Bayless
2 Old Men & the Sea

My sunshines
Kaylee & Christian Rodgers

Where you go I will go

Timothy John Lynch
Happy 50th Birthday!
Love, Rhea and Dustin

September 16, 2011
Brent & Charlene Thompson

In memory of
Thomas Wayne Neese
9/29/48 - 10/02/05

The Gresham Family
John, Anita and Abby
Jeremiah 29:11

Jacob Aaron Clarke
Forever Nevaeh's dad
Love, Mom and Nevaeh

To Mom Patty Vogel
What a great family
tradition you started

Bunny & Tommie Doxey
Newport News, VA

Cummings Family
Corolla Bait and Tackle
Jill, Keith & Petey

In Loving Memory
John Christen Casey
RIP Dear Cousin

For My Grands,
With Love, Your Meme

Loving Memory of
Jean Powers
in eternal sunshine

In Loving Memory
Heather Miller 1998-2010
Fully Rely On God


Dr. Fred Cornett
1923 - 2006

Still Hooked
Martin & Sandy Willis
August 16, 1975

Frank & Virginia Duspiva
Loving OBX since 1957

Travis And Jeanie
Est. 9-10-11

Allison and Drew
April 7, 2012

Happiness Is...
OBX Family Vacations
Dan and Linda Shipley

Dom & Erin Pinto
Married at Jennettes Pier
September 21, 2012

The Phillingane Family

Fish On
Grandpa Bob Hunt &
Robby Pfeifer

In Memory Of
William Edward Winn

In Memory
RL and Lou Perkins
Great Family Fun!

Happy Birthday
Linda Lou Spangler

Happy Birthday
Arthur B. Polnisch, Jr.

Love this beach
Perry, Terry, Courtney
and Logan Clarke

OBX SeaSix
Lifelong Memories
Gussie & JJ's Girls

Gary and Jerry
OBX Memories '96 - '10
Fishing Buddies

loving Husband
Loving father

Nags Head Memories
Thanks to Ho and Jo
Your Loving Family

Nags Head Gulls
Geneva,Sue,Jean Ann,Sarah

Don Huckstep
Best fishing buddy &
Dad a girl could have

Where It All Began
Joe and Helen Matejka
Your Loving Family

One Fish Two Fish
We-love-you Fish:
Justin and Ellie

Love to Pop-Pop
who is fishing in Heaven
We all miss you

Cuccherini + West
= wonderful times
at OBX!

Family Comes First
Jim and Jane Kolb
Cherished Memories

Mary-Eva Old
Catch of a Lifetime
Always & Forever

In Loving Memory
Charles and Michael

David Lynn Moss
Susan Camille Deans
Raleigh NC 6-6-2011

Chris n Dee
Keep on fishing

In Loving Memory
Ronnie G. Taylor
Roanoke Rapids, NC

Celebrating the New Year
Together since 2001

Special Memories
Kayla&Cadence Wilborn

Donald & Christina Biser
June 26, 2012

Charlie Hauck
OBX Fishing Legend
Janet Steve Fraz Hunt

Calvin, Wilma Ware
Special Memories of OBX
The Ted Nee Family

Best Fisherman
Love Patrick & Riss

Robert and Deborah Dorf

Joe, Kristie, and
Archie Kolling

Bob and Betty May
Frisco, NC

Mary Ann Jessel
Precious Memories
Jessel Family

Croley Mechanical
Brad & Andrea Croley
Richmond VA

Narley Dude Boat
Totally Tubular Swimming
HangTen Sand Surf OBX

Por Fin
Bob & Mamie Butler

In Honor of
Robert and Loisann Earley
Our Loving Parents

In Memory of
Robert W. Earley Jr.
We Miss You!

Bobby & Ethel Owen
Debbie & Greg & Family
Mike & Janet & Family

Cliff & Hazel Poole
Lovin' MP8 & OBX

Thank you for such
wonderful memories!
The Parkers/Jernigans

In Honor Of
Our Girls Jenny & Mandy
Mom and Dad Sanford

In Memory Of
Alice and Charles Miller
40+ Years of NH Fun!

In memory of
Charlie "Pa" Parrish
Always in our hearts

In Memory of
Jim & Joan Callahan
Manteo, NC

One Good Person
Jennifer Anne Kallenborn

Cory and Lindsay Wessel
Married Feb. 25, 2012

In Loving Memory
Delvin Jethro

Herb Meyer
Nearer thee by the sea

In Memory of
Darleen Barnard Smith
"Make Your Own Party"

In Memory Of
Joseph H. Cutler
He Loved To Fish Here

September 9, 1967
Glenn & Darlene Himelright

In Memory Of
Ron & Blanche Arnold

In honor of our
Marita Lucille Allen

In Memory of
Karen G. Parish
Loving Wife & Mother

Marc, Christine,
Josie & Elise Sedam
Chapel Hill, NC

We Love OBX...!
Jackie Chappell
Gail Hiller

In Loving Memory
William David Hurley II
01/14/85 - 10/08/09

For Our 3 Miracles
Justin, Matti, and Chloe
We Love You

Always and Forever
Mike and Robin Hubbard
July 1, 2011

Crab Lovers of MD
Dwight & Arvella Johnson

In Loving Memory
Memaw & Granddaddy
We Miss You

Mama and Papa
Earl and Mary Alice Metz

Girls By the Sea
Karen Karyn Kathy Lisa
Lynne Suzanne Val

Steve, Michelle
Caroline & Katie Quigley
Beaverdam, Virginia

John N. Gianakos
Ruger and Wazoo

In Loving Memory
Our Favorite Fisherman
Vince Kovalchick

In Memory of
Howard & Beverly Sheldon
OBX Beachcombers

The Sprenkles
Randy, Vicki, Stephanie,
Chuck & Zeus

Loved to fish here
Bess and Mokey Morton
Victoria, Virginia

Thomas O. Eaton
Portsmouth, Va
In Loving Memory

In Memory of
Bart P. Tobin
Love Debbie & Donna

Miss The Old Days
The Mako Tackle Room
R.I.P. Love, Laura B.

Patricia A. Jung
OBX Memories Forever
Loved by her Family

Pete & Amanda
Since Summer '09

Pieces of Eight
The Knittle Family
Est. 1987 - MP 19.5

The Crino Family
Don, Heide, Max and Rachel

In Memory Of
Ida Tatum and
Clarence Tatum

In Memory of Our
Precious Son
Jacob Evans Barker

In Loving Memory
of our parents
John and Mae Bingman

In Honor of
J. C. Felton
Chapel Hill, N.C.

In Memory of
Julie Kay Workman Osmon
In the Land of OZ...

In Memory of Dad
Christopher John Snead
Love, Clint and Clark

The Edwards Boys -
Johnathan, Christopher,
Matthew, and Brandon

The Grimsley's
Richard and Carolyn

In Honor Of
Our Parents
Delo & Frances Meade

Many Beach Week
Memories For
The Louden Family

Lyn & Howard Swain
Powered By
Beach Border Collies

Lee and Va Tilley
Thnx for years of family
fun at the OBX

In Fond Memory of
John "Pop" Caney Minter
7/18/1895 - 6/12/1964

In Memory of
Berkley & Eva Atkins
Oceanside Court

The Hooes
Mildred-Mimi and Bob
Kitty Hawk, Manassas

In Memory of
John Lang Winfield
"Blues are runnin"

In Memory Of : Mom
11/7/43 - 8/15/2011 R.I.P
Jean D. Schlademan

In memory
Carroll Spencer Credle, Jr

Two by the Sea
the Bostic Family

In Loving Memory
Michael Zollo

The Read Family
George Liz
Spike and Kayla

The Corums
Mike Sr & Sarah
Mike Jr,Leonard&Steve

The Einseln Family
OBX 417
Fish sticks...xoxo

In Memory Of
Captain Pete Zurbuch
Severino & Teets Crew

Ken Sikora
Barbara Bridges
Lindsey Spencer

September 16, 2010
Dave & Jenn Jenkins III
Wed In The OBX

OBX - our serenity
Don and Connie

Happy Birthday
Jill Bennett
from 10 Mature Girls

9/5/82 to 3/27/07
Onjelique C Stevens
Celebrate Life

Ken Shelhorse
SSGT, US ARMY, Retired

The Louie Family
Espie, George,
Zachary and Jared

The Dutkowsky Family

In Memory of
J R & Carlyle H. McIntyre
Charlie & Katy Hope

In Loving memory
Edward J. Byrne, Sr
03-19-36 to 12-31-05

In Honor of
Curtis and Virginia Fore

In Our Hearts
Morgan E. Mackey
BRS Electrical Svcs

MSG Carl Thompson
Circleville, WV
May He Fish Forever

Mulherin Family
Yorktown, VA
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Doug & Kathy Davis
Happy 30th Anniversary!

The Samet Family
Kill Devil Hills, NC

For Our "Keepers"
Aubrie and Layden Shannon
Love, Mom and Dad

The Liska Family
Fun in the sun since '61!

In Memory of
Charlie Goss
From His Family

Kamery Ann
Linda Ann Farley Del
For Ann & Dia

Three Generations
Thank Granny and Pop
For Our OBX Memories

The Boyd Family
"This is Living"

The Harris Family
Tom, Denise, Liam, Connor
'98 Honeymoon - Today

In Memory Of
Robert H. Smith
Spring City, PA

For Mimi & Pappy
Love, Max & Sam

In loving memory
Nadine Buggy Miller
sand,salt & tears

The Bells
and beyond!
Thank you Bob

Happy Fishing
David & Barbara Johnson
Fairfax, Virginia

John J Selepec Jr
Loved Fishing Here
Now Fishing In Heaven

Bobby & Tina E.
Semper Paratus
Love the OBX!

Gary Swain

Frank Stick

David Stick
Outer Banks Historian

The Great White Family

Bud (Sidney) & Nancy Perry

A Loving Husband
Charles "Wesley" Liverman
1959 - 2011

Nags Head Memories
Papaw&Nana, Bill&Sherryl
and all the children!

25th Anniversary
Tim & Melanie Manning
Always and Forever

Mike&Misty Paulot
''Married by the Sea"
Sept 11, 2011

In the memory of
Uncle Bobby
Fish on

Ron & Arlene Allen
In Honor of our Military

In Memory of
Mama Trece & Daddy Cloyce

Wonderful Memories
The Poot's-Newark DE

Gerry - Onjo - Donna
Ocean Love Forever

Rodney J. Fallon
"Life's a garden, dig it"
We love you forever!

In Loving Memory
Matthew Luis Rouco
One Love One Heart

In Memory Of
Col Neil White (USAF Ret)
~a fisherman forever~

Merry Christmas !
Bob & Argent Spake
Manteo, NC

Bobby and Stacey
With you beside the sea
is where I wish to be

Jason S. Jennette
great, great grandson of
Warren H. Jennette I

Penny Orth is my
Best Catch Ever and a
Real Keeper says Joe

In honor of the
Tennant & Ross Family

The Akins Boys
Stanley, Braden
Tristan & Garin

In Honor of
Chris and Frieda Berry
Riley and Rubin

A cold Heineken at
Sam & Omie's for Ken Gant
from Jakey and Phil

In memory of Trudy
Stone from Tom, Brenda,
Thomas & Travis Teets

Joe & Gayle Simons
40 years of loving OBX
Our dream came true

In Loving Memory
Doug and Judy Soyars
Forever in Our Hearts

Frank & Nemo Carr
Bud & Agnes, Jeff & Candi
Daniel & Chris Akers

Paul Thaxton
Millard @ Freda Murphy
Carl Wilson

Ray & Della,
David & Ginger Phillips
Jason,Fallon Phillips

Joe Randy
Gretchen Ben Louise

Joe Randy
Gretchen Ben Louise

Billy March
Uncle B
Suffolk VA

Outer Banks
Mommy & Me

Will You Marry Me?
Love, AMM

In Honor of
Ed and Lisa Mullis
Brandon, Adam, Anna

Bob and Deb Martin
Bobbie, Jeff, Eric
Michelle, Amy, Ryan

Capt. Bill Mullis
Ashley Gail, Laura Mae
Southern Cross

Capt. Bill Mullis
Miss Crockett, VA Queen
VA Wave, VA Clipper

Honoring Gilbert &
Annie Crockett, Al, Lou,
Dave, Mo and Susie

In Honor Of
Laura Mae Crockett
Ed, Debbie, and Bill

Capt. Berry Brandt
Virginia Queen
Virginia Wave

In Honor Of
Dewight & Debbie McAlpin
Amy, Lynn, and Cassie

17 September 2011
For John & Susie Harris
Love always, H&M

My soul & spirit
are at peace by the sea
Amy Leigh Ridgeway

The Staplefords

In Memory of Papa
Love the Fusari Family
~ Tina, Gina , Gigi ~

Markin' off today!
In Loving Memory of
Stanley Reynolds

The Hill Family
Chris, Heather and Adam
Elizabeth City, NC

Mr. and Mrs.
R.P. Martin III
Kitty Hawk, NC

In Memory of
Elray Felts
1937 - 2011

Carol Marie Bowser
She Loved OBX Vacations
With Her Family

The Morris Family
Shawn Kathy Aaron & Jake
Meherrin, VA

Melvin & Darlene
Nash , Lilburn Ga
4th Anniversary Trip

Lifetimes of
Beach Memories
The Bollinger Family

In Memory of
Benjamin&Nathaniel Harris
Juella Harris-Fleming

Rather Be Surf
Fishing for Bluefish
Karla & Palmer Lawler

Good OBX Memories!
The Family Of
William F. Raines Jr.


Lou & Anita Champ
And Family

WV Beach Bums
Lovin' OBX Summers
DTC & Ne

Outer Banks Pro
Wave Riding Vehicles

In Honor Of
Bill and Kendra Mullis
Ashley Mullis

In Loving Memory
Danny T. Waddell
Angela L. Ashberry

October 6, 2011
Happy 32nd Anniversary!
Jimbo and Millie Ward

In Loving Memory
John " Bob" & Sarah

The L Spiveys
Larry, Margaret, and Kids

The Nash Family
Bill and Beth
Emma, Addie, Annie

In Loving Memory
W.B. Columber HMC USN ret

The Kern Family
Scott and Kristen
Riley and Jake

Pirate's Cove
Favorite Place on Earth
The Brecher Family

April G Stephenson
Alexandria VA

The Coast is Clear
for the CLOBC 2011

John & Maryann Jessel


In Loving Honor of
George & Hannah Lupton
Mickey Jewel Amy Kate

October 9, 2010
Chris & Jennifer Hall

"It don't get
no better than this"
Paul E. Kelly

In Loving Memory
Hank Coble
Bridgeville, Delaware

William A. Bowles
Love, Emmitt, Linda
Melinda and Will 2011

Bill&Gail Donovan
Many great family Memories

for Margie, Katie,
Jeannie, Annie & Clare
Love, The Palmer's

Bruce and Pat
Thanks for OBX memories!
Your Family

Mariah Beth
Will You Marry Me?

The Cyril G . Lanz family

Jeanne & Chuck,
Thanks for OB & Memories
Love, Bruce & Betty

Ned, Judie, John &
Theresa Bloom. Shannon,
Fran, Owen & Sam Ream

The Burgess Family
Charlie and Rose Mary
Camden and KDH 2011

Memories held
in the tides forever
Walter and Vicky Ball

The McGowan's
Amy, Lauren, Pat and Sean
Manteo, est. 2004

In Loving Memory
Bob Kirkpatrick
Mary,Kids & Grandkids

Michaelangela Tile
Michael Goetsch

The Goetsch Family
Michael Angie Noah Leila

Dale & Ruth Chovan
Pirate's Cove BP 38
July 23, 1996

Maryann M. Morse
From these shores
our love endures.

Surf's Up!
To The Beach!
John A. Houston, Jr.

Tyler K
Kyle-Olivia-Camryn K
Maggie-Jules Q

Almost Heaven
Gabe, Stephanie, McKenna,
Caleb Berkhimer 2011

Lelia Ward Byrum
With Mama Mille & Bub
Wonderful Memories

The Sample Family
Rex and Jackie
Margie and Nikki C.

Mike & Linda
Goodpaster. " Our little
piece of heaven."

In Loving Memory
Dorothy J. Shade
Hagerstown, MD

In Loving Memory
George and Lois Steuart

October 27, 1961
Dick & Sandy Shreckengost
50 Years of Memories

The Clark Family

David Martin
BEST Husband, Dad, Papa
Love, All Your Girls

In memory of Mamaw
Love Kayleigh Haley Conor
Cristin and Scout.

The Barrineaus
Barry & Jean
Est. August 27, 1961

Mary Jane Pugh
went to Cahoon's to get
the Washington Post

Evan Thomas Scala
Happy 21st Birthday

Rich and Gerry
A Great Fisherman And
The Catch Of His Life

In Loving Memory
Dick & Helen Scarborough
The Thomasson Family

In Memory of
True Love is an Ocean

John Polk and
Barbara Williams
Would Rather be Here

OBX 2007 & always
Michael and Erin Collier

James and Janis

In Memory of
Linwood (L. G.) Hall
1951 - 2011

To Our Beach Boys
Evan and Corbin Holder
From Nana and Pa

The Schrimpfs
He fishes - She catches
George and Linda

Dave&Marilyn Brown
Beach Music Memories
Fun, Food, Friends

The Snyder Family
Enjoying OBX Memories
Year after year

We Love OBX!
Colemans: Robert, Susan
Wes, Allie & Emma

In Memory of
Carlee Houghtelin
Forever on Vacation!

In Loving Memory
George and Ruth Frazee
Our Parents

In Memory of
Jim "57" Gordon
Husband, Dad, Grampy

Never Forgotten
Norman Shell, 10/23/2001
Speckles, 12/1/2004

In Loving Memory
Of Clinton L. Blake
Farmington, NC

1910 W7DGU 2005
Charles R. Williams
"Over and Out"

1917 - 2011
Donna R. Williams
"Ocean Angel"

The descendants of
Eugene and Mary Davis
Fort Madison, Iowa

Jesus is LORD!

Ellestads and West
We'll always have
The Beach

In Memory & Honor
Frank & Peggy Logan

The Daberko's
Safe Arrival Celebrations
Jim & Mollie 2011

To Bree and Ross
In loving Memory Dad,Mom
Marnie and Jesse

In Loving Memory
Capt. John R. C. Mitchell

In Memory of
Joan & Dick Devlin

In Loving Memory
George Strother Jr.
Your Loving Family

In Memory of
John S. "Jack" Holmes
Love From Your Family

In Memory of
Wayne Overton
Miss you, Your family

Porch Monkeys !!
Willie and Karen Colston
Great Bridge, VA

The Hinkles
John and Ashten

The Atkinsons
Woody and Michelle
Braden and Canen

In Loving Memory
Barbara L. Weisenberger
Watch Us Fish, Gram!

Barry & Cindy Herr
and Family
Landisville, PA

Our Grandchildren
McKinley & Will & Jordyn
Papa & Gammy Wiggins

Captain Sam Stokes

The Boyce Family
Chuck, Holly, and Olivia
Suffolk, Va

Loving memory of
Kader Bass, 1928-2001 and
Kader Jr., 1960-2010

In Memory Of
Laura & Ernest Mickey
By the Mickey Clan

In Memory of
Rusty Chain
Who Loved to Fish

Happy Anniversary
Robert & Jackie DeFreitas
Congrats on 40 years

Best Dad Ever
Joseph Stopowski


The Creecy Family
David, Jackie,
Tyler, Caitlin

Lillian & Carter Kashuba

Harvey "Pop" Wadsworth
Smithfield NC

Cooper and Klima
Together As One Family
October 8th, 2011

Watkins & Patsy
Est. in 1978 KDH 1964

Mike Lisa Chris Chloe
Mazzagatti Vacation

Travis Valentine
Forever In Our Hearts
1992 - 2011

David, Amy
Emily, Elijah & Deacon

In memory of
Warren Spitler
He loved OBX

We Love BB & Issa!
Married June 24, 2012
Love, The Gilmore Fam

Hooked on Fishing!
Love your Legacy, Joe
Zach,Thomas,and Sean

Meredith and Scott
September 7, 2012

Lauren Everhart
Anna Leah Everhart

To Papa and Mama
For the Enduring Memories
The Wards and Haskels

"Fishing Forever"
In Memory of Carl Overman
and In Honor of the

Catch of his Life:
Lucie Overman
Patt, Linda & Carl Jr

Tommy and Sally Berra

In Memory of
George & Patricia Waldmann

In Memory of
Seymour and Betty Weinreb
Forever Loved

Dr Darrell Huffman
A Great Dad & Granddaddy
Tom, Molly & Joshua

The LeFevres
Alex Hillary Grant Reid
Love Abbie & GrandDad

For Gary Laing
Co-founder: School of
Lateral Pier Fishing

The Sealock's
Front Royal, Virginia

Dempster Family
Vaughn, Trish, Colleen
Erin, Megan & Shannon

great memories
mike gallion, billy w

Russ and Ruth Ross
Steve Culbreth
Rose & Gaby Sciaudone

The Myers Family
In Memory of Ray Myers
Weyers Cave Va.

In Memory of
Donald & Martha Vickers

The Surface Family
Eddie & Lisa
Marylinn & Jessica

One plank at a
time till Chris Karfs
gets his boat...

In Memory of
Rev. Rufus M. Smithson Jr
"Fisher of Men"

Happy Days!
Dink & Purple
Lynchburg, VA

seaside memories of joy.
Bill, Jeane, & Becca

James E Perry III
Loving Brother & Friend
Aug. 1953 - May 2011

Buzz and Arlene
The Best Memories
The Michler Family

Fred Brandell Jr.
The best son ever!

Christine Brandell
The best daughter ever!

To our parents
Eddie and Linda Morris
Woodland, N.C.

In Memory of
Clarence Mason
Sons and Brent, Craig

In Loving Memory
Gladys Lumpkin
Roger Jo Morgan Matt

The Kidwell Family
Summer Fun, Sun and
Capt. Franks

Locals Always
Cignoli's, Doris & Navy
Jupiter to Nags Head

Maggie & Mike Hurd
with our family
together forever

In Our Hearts
And Lives Forever

In Memory of
John & Barb Schultz
We Miss You!

...and the sea
shall grant each man
new life...

The Old Gangsters






CWO4 US Army - Korean War
Vet. We Love You Dad!

The Rowlett Family
Butch, Kay, Nikki & Shana
Matoaca VA/KDH mp 6.5

Bobby and Leah
"Married by the Sound"
10-22-11 Manteo, NC

Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop
Hopkins Haven Memories
Love Your Grankids

In Memory of
Lt. Al and Louise Coombs
Great Falls, VA

In Loving Memory
Clarice Zuiker
Francis Zuiker

In Memory of
Edward and Dot Stevenson
Edward and Mary Peple

Best of Times
With My Dad Dennis Martin

A Family Tradition
The Amends - Wheeling, WV
Since 1973

The Roses
Rodney, Carrie
Kyle, & Sydney

Joan and Adam
July 22, 2012

Married Here
Liz Rennie & Kris Lungut
September 24, 2011

Ralph Fravel
Beloved Husband & Father
Avid OBX Fisherman

In Honor of
Fishing, Family & Friends
with Jerry Forbes

In Memory of
Richard Linkins
Love, Ken & Lynn

November 12, 2011
Rick and Karen Fields
12th Anniversary

It doesn't get
any better than this.
Bill & Cindy Zern

I Love You
Carol Joyce Boyd Carroll
John Carroll

In Memory of
Love Your Family

In Memory of
Richard H. Schlottman Jr.

In Memory Of
Jewell C. Almoney
09/13/38 to 04/15/11

F & R Hattman 2011
Stewart; Fehlberg; Meyer

Our Tradition
Avis & Max Brown Family
Nags Head Since 1964

The O'Connor,
and Saunders Families

Weegie and Baxter
OBX since the 1950s

Frank Lineweaver
Thanks To A Great Dad
Mike, Karen & Kathy

Cole Family 2011
Frank, Melody, Phil, Eric
Gina, Ava, Kristen

In Loving Memory
Edith G. Powell
The Bleattler Family

Emma, Gabbie and Brodie
Locals Since 2011

In Memory Of
Tony Carpenter

In Memory Of
Jimmy and Doris Curtis

In Memory Of
Catherine G. Holman
We Love You Nana

In Memory of
Ernie and Fred Gard
"Gone Fishin"

Robert & Sue Jones
Hooked At Last

Our Sweet Na-Nor
Nell Hobbs Beale Gay
Love your TX families

OBX Sunshine
For our grandchildren
MeMom & Da love you

For the memories
David & Linda McCarthy
Kids & Grandkids 2011

P.A. Proth "Daddy"
sumbeach..sumwhere-LUV U!

Harvey Wall
OBX Angler - We Love You
Beth & the Kids 2011

Jim and Sandy Buyalos
For the Good Times!

We Love You
Grammy and Granddaddy
The Higgins Family

Phil Mitchell
Sam Mitchell
Lake Gaston, NC

Wonderful Memories
In Memory, Linda LaVerdi
In Honor, Ham LaVerdi

Charles H Painter
Plymouth, NC
Fished 1943 - 1995

Janine and George
Love by the Sea

The Wilson's
Tadpole, Lori & Zachary
Suffolk, VA / KDH, NC

Love and Memories
at Shore Break
The Dilday Family

Ingo A. Rodriguez
Gift from God 1964-2008
Daddy, Husband, Son

We were here!
Jo (Paul) & Sandy Wiegmann

In Loving Memory
Oscar Sr & Sarah B White
"PaPa & Granny"

The Daniel's
Martinsburg WV
"This is the Life"

Bill &Ginny Nolan
Life is a Beach

The McCurdys
Kev, Steph, James, Morgan
"Gooberz to da Beach"

Erskine and Sindy
It's Always Happy Hour!
"Gooberz to da Beach"

Jacob D. Kauffman
Winemaker and Surfer
Bud, the joy remains

Bartlett Faison
Camden, NC
Waitin on You

In Loving Honor Of
Jimmie Bohannon
Love Wife & Tammy

The Coleman Family
Fairfax, VA

OBX-Nowhere Better
Shayla McGowan
Johnstown, Ohio

In memory of
Russ and Donna Erwine

May the Circle
Be Unbroken
Camilleri Family

David S. Forde
16 Apr 1992 - 13 May 2009
Vienna, Virginia

In Loving Memory
Joe Popaden

Memories Family
Steve Carol Angie Natasha
and all the Andersons

walter & roxanne
madisonville, va

Lilian June Bowman
Fredericksburg, VA

A Wave from it All
The Lutz Family

Bob and Sue Knopp
An OBX family tradition.
Edgerton, MO

The Mann Family
Dewey, Amy, Jacob
Collin, Avery, Minnow

Adam and Chels
"Hooked" 2012
Love, Daddy and Jess

For Gene, Cheryl,
Nick, Patrick and Austin
with love from Gran

For Tom, Dorothy
Sam, Alex and Olivia
with love from Gran

To great memories
Sherry & Spurgeon Foster
with Nana & Papa!

No Shirt, No Shoes
No Problems!
Rob & Stacey Partin

To our Grandaddy
Michael Harris
We love you!

Fishing Buddies
Jared Sutton & Papa Wiker
Chester, VA Nov 2011

In Honor Of
Mercer And Ann Major

Kitty and Jim Fay
"Mema and Granddaddy"
Newport News, VA

Great Vacations
A Lifetime of Memories
Doris & Joe Uhlhorn

Mom & Dad Shorter
The "beach" lasted a week
The memories forever

Joey & Leeann Rose
How Big Is Your Fish?
Mama-1 Daddy-0

For Arnom & Julia
Thanks For The Memories
- Your Kids & Grands

The Gallek Family

In honor of Steve
& Ava Deal, better known
as Grandmamma & STP.

The Ross Family
Farmington Hills, MI

The Tucson Galleks

In Memory Of
James C. Wright 1934-2010
Bedford, VA

Tans will fade,
but memories last forever
Molly, Diane, Allison

In Loving Memory
Maggie Rogers
Pittsburgh, PA

Married 9/3/2011
Jason & Michelle Stamm

Doug and Patsy
from NJ to OBX

Kevin and Sam
Fishing Buddies for Life

Tight Lines!
Dr Edward A Filmyer Jr

The Massecars

Lucky&Amy Streich
Memory of Casey J Heaster
Critter Control-VABch

In Loving Memory
Patrick J.Farrell
Gone Fishin

In Memory of
Avis and Andrew Smart
From Stacey and Scott

Jan Endrizzi & Mr. Wilson

Jack and Ginny
Pasadena, MD

Charles & Grace
Mechanicsville, Va

Our Wedding Day
Whitney and Jason Dennis
May 11, 2012

Regg and Mary

Grandma & Pops
You and OBX are the best!
Love, Evan & Elena

Granddaughter of
W. Jennette, Camille &
William H. Redding Jr

Art & Linda
Finally Here

Sam & Shirley Hill
Past, Present & Future
Celebrating 50+ Years

Joe & Sissie Elrod
and Family

Dick and Shirley
Thanks for OBX Memories!
The Lower Family

A Peachy Keen Pair
Lester and Sally Perlee

In Honor of
Richard E. Dowdy Sr.
WWII Veteran

Wayne & Diane Guy
Family, Fun, Love
Everlasting Memories

Adam "B" Brinkley
Fishing for a good time!

Mile Post 18
Thanks for the Memories!
Kathy & Harry

In Loving Memory
Buster Sweeney
From His Children

In Memory of
Wanda J. Parks
The Nags Head Gang

In Loving Memory
Wayne E Newcomb

Lew & Jan..U began
the JOURNEY we continue
the TRADITION........

The Mesco Family
In honor of all
the great memories

Mike & Linda Seme
Nick & Jess Pascarella
Bud Seme

Granga & Nana
Roy & Frances Wilson
West Point, Va

In Honor of
Todd & Candy Tilley

Anchors aweigh,
Chief Barry K Davis USN
3/17/47-4/26/10 Luv U

Jean R. Mitchell
Nicky & Frances Evans
Enjoy Everyday!

Our loving parents
Carrington & Leah Cockrell

Ted and Barbara
Ted Jones Appliance
Portsmouth, Va

Black suits make
beach gods smile. Thanks
Kennedy&Sares parents

In memory of
Katherine "Kitty" Walton

Dorothy Bonk
The Greatest Mother
In The Whole Universe

Bill & Deb Foryan
Many happy summers!
Amy, Meg, Paige, Nat

Bertie (Red) Lang
Loving you forever
Your Family

Fish on the line,
Ole 18 Wine, Life's Good
Gus & Ann Harrell

Charles Anderson
A Great Friend
December 2011

For Mama and Papa
With Love

In memory of
Jeff Scoggins

Terry Cordle
I'm a man of few words...
So let's fish!

The Petty Family
Rob, Michelle, Kendelle &

The Shouses
Generations of Memories
at "The Pier"

Paul and Lisa D'Attilio

The Nash Family
Irvin Nancy Emily & James

Fish stories told
here, some true! We love
you Nanny+PopPop+OBX

In Loving Memory
of Elizabeth Cochran
We Love and Miss You

Bob Minter
Happy 85th Birthday!
Love, Your Family

Damon Tatem, Jr.

Don McCauslin
Our Favorite Fisherman

The Bernans Family
A Lifetime of Memories
John Mary Laura Ben

The Way Family
George, Paula, Rachael,
Casey & Jeff

Edgar & Carol Gray
Keepin' it REEL.
Tom, Liz & Margaret

Jim & Diana Cooney
Grand "Pu-Pahs"
of the OBX!!!

In Memory of
Doug Haskett 1951-2008
Ray Haskett 1924-2006

October 20, 2010
Bill & Patty Nelson
Southern Shores, NC

We Love You,
Nonna & Papa!
Katie & Jameson

To Kay and Lu
Love always-

Tony Kaczka Sr.
You Hooked Us On Fishing
Love, Lisette & TJ

Chip Tovey
Forever In Our Hearts

Life is Good
The Bousquet Family

The Tradition Continues
Kylen and Jayla Brown

James Edward Parr
"Jimmie", "Daddy" or "D"
Forever remembered

In memory of
Lucia Flowers Miller
Our "WooWoo"

In honor of
George Sprite Barbee, III
Our Old Man & the Sea

OBX Memories
Mc Graw - Tienken - Goad
Thank You Mom & Don

Thanks OBX Papa!
Beth Anne Bill Sara Jack
Sam Ben Alex & Jane

For James, Jill,
Caymus, Harrison, Lauren
and Chloe - love Gran

The Lombardo Family

Duane & June Ruby
Colington Harbour, NC

The Cordano's
Richard & Nancy met here
1967 married 11/22/69

Mike and Charlene
Best Beach Buddies
December, 2011

For Robert Eberly
From James and Julia

The Sheckells
Dan, Gabbi, Alex & Eric
OBX Our Happy Place

Our Grandparents
Marcus & Corine Tyler
Kim, Mark & Robin

In Honor of
Bob and Betty Bomberger
Love Your Family

In Memory of
Stewart P. Thomas
The Tinsley Family

The Kuti Family
Vacationing since 1983

In Honor of
Bobby (Papa) Stainback
Raleigh, NC

Mom & Dad, Thanks
for the memories! Dave,

Mr. Taylor
Mrs. Taylor

For My Best Friend
Eric J Chandler
27 yrs OBX Memories

The LaDuca Family
Jim Heather Drew Bailey
Clarksburg, Maryland

ily 4.2.2011 ily
Tommy & Elizabeth Webb
Happy Anniversary!

No Rools-just fun!
Keith, Sandy, Brent
Alyssa, Dominick

Chris Joan Dempsey
Diana Brooke Taylor
Colt Curtis Calhoun

Willa E. Eley
My Little Swimmer

Finley Dula
Drew & Alex Tibbitts
Dianne L. Dula

In Memory Of
Wyatt W Wilson, Fisherman
Father & Grandfather

Mrs Taylor
Glad you started it
Mr Taylor

In memory of Burt
Taylor Love Dad Pat
Chase Lars Colby Sis

To Pop-Pop
Love, The Simpson Boys

The Myers Family
Nags Head, NC

Our OBX getaway
Danielle&Spencer Draggoo
Mom & Jason Stamm

To Daddy
XO, Lara, Aubrey,
Braedon & Carter 2012

The Redmonds
Thad and Delores
Kitty Hawk, NC

John DeLacey & Sarah Kirk
The Best is Yet to Be

Eternal Happy Hour
By the Sea
for Mary & Cindy

OBX Beachcomber
CDR John "Fuzzy" Thurston

Down By The Sea is
where Charlie Williamson
always wanted to be..

JoAnn C. Hudgins
W4LMH Lewis M. Hudgins

In honor of
James Preston Lilley
Our "Uncle Jimmy"

50 Beach Years
Elliott & Rita Atstupenas
Edenton, NC

In Memory Of
The Haymans & The Seafare
Ralph and Jo White

The Senesac's
Hoosiers Enjoying OBX
The Jeffery's

In Memory of
Jack Grover
1972 to 1994

Bob and Verna
Seaward Cottage
Nags Head 1984

Lorie Smith 2012
The BIG ONE is waiting!
Love, Your Peeps

Thank Heaven For
Heitman Sisters

In Memory of
Bill Marsh
Game/ Set / Match

Hunter Cole
Alexandra Cole

The DeCapua Family
Stephen, Traci, Morgan &
Grant. Canfield Ohio

Andrew W. Walton

Happy Birthday
R. David Brinson
Husband, Dad, Coach

In Memory of
Dennis D. McCarthy
May 16, 2011

In Memory of
Earl and Doris Leiby
Forever at the Beach

In Loving Memory:
Ernest F. Blosser
Mozelle Blosser

Keep On Fishing
From Your Daughters
Mary, Alice and Betty

Great times at OBX
Bill & Betty Foreman
'24 - '11 '23 - '16

Andrew and Melissa
In honor of our children
Wilson, NC

The McEacherns
Phil and Mary
Philip and Timothy

Happy Birthday
Keith Wivagg
June 2, 2012

"No more work ....
fishing everyday in
memory of Joe Storie"

The Dempsey's
Ben, Tiffany, & Marissa
Abilene, Virginia

In Loving Memory
Mom & Dad Hansen
Joseph Hansen

Twisted Sisters
Luv the Twisted Fish
Sametime Each Year

Zella Sandra Noel

In Memory Of
Ricky Eugene Massey Sr
1958 - 2012

The Stocks Family
Bryan, Laurie,
Ashley & Matthew

Christina & Jason
May 27th, 2012
From this day forward

Marylyn F. Colvin
Mom, at the ocean,
we are one with you

The Cyrus Family
C.J., and Paula
Sam and Bogey

Kip & Lori Madeira
A Groovy Kind of Love
October 10, 1992

Nags Head Police
Chief R. Wayne Byrum
Retired Sept.1, 2009

In Memory of
Mary Robinson, SD
Who Loved the Sea

The Woolwine's
Jack & Laura
Love kids & grandkids

In loving memory
of James J Walsh loving
husband and father

For our Dad
David Pierce
Love James and Julia

MeMa's Girls

Happy OBX Memories
since 1980
The Wilkinson Family

Ron & Janet
Coomes Family Memories
since 1976

For Jerry Kiser
Daddy, Friend, Grandpa
Love, Team Woodchuck

MELNYK family
4 generations vacationing
on the Outer Banks

Kayla Grace King
Much Love! Granny Jean,
Nicky & Frances Evans

"Sea Watchers"
Valery & Kevin Douglas
Nags Head, NC

Always To The Sea
Carroll, Cheryl,
Gwen & Abby Bickers

The Holmes Family
Surf A Wave and You Sit
On Top Of The World

Forever Soul Mates
Two Hearts-One Love 2004
Carl & Catina Davis

Rick Breeden
We Love You Grandaddy
Cam & Zach Layman

Dolly & Jack Rush
Fishing Buddies

In Memory of
David N. Jennings
Your Loving Family

Hooked Together
Deb & Steve Cheesman

In Loving Memory
Kathy Hertzog 1949-2011
J D E J M A & A

Rochelle and Mike
April 20th, 2012

Pop's Boys

Michael Sabadic Jr
Happy 70th Birthday 2012
Love, Your Family

Colleen Clare

James M. Huff
Fisherman & Friend
of the OBX

In Memory Of
Lonnie & Beatrice Blackley

Matt, you are the
catch of my life.
Love, Anna 3/27/10

Living To Fish
Robert A. Bullis
9/2/1936 - 2/12/2012

Dennis B Bullis
The Fish Master
Graham, NC

In Memory Of
J.B. and Susan Hiner
Your Loving Family

Mandy & Matthew
June 9, 2012

The Lanke, Smith, Unrath
and Walton families

The Halls
Sharon, David & Family
Glen Allen, VA

Rem & Gin
Our beginnings & renewal
Love OBX!

In Honor of
George Corey 90thBirthday
Tar Heel Motel

We Love You Guys !
Brittany,Brian,Maggie :)
Pappy & Grammy 2012 !

This is for Kimmi,
k&h Jester

In Memory Of
David Lee Hayden
"It is what it is..."

The Cartwright's
A forever OBX tradition!
Smithville, MO

In Loving Memory
Bill and Dodie Borland

In Loving Memory
Mabel & Arthur Toler
6 yrs. at Jennette's

Marie & James E Smith Sr
of Church Road Va

In Loving Memory
Nicholas "Nick" Brendle
04/25/84 - 03/23/2011

Mary Frances
McPherson Morrisette

Bruce Ferguson
Marcella Morrisette

The Morrisette's
Lucien and Debbie
April, Oliver, Spence

The Norrell's
James and Frances

William Pendleton Norrell

The Tipton's
Erin, Charlie, CJ
Drew Copeland

April 27, 2012
Catherine & Stephen Lilly
"Tied the Knot"

April 21, 2012
Mike & Lauren Barry

4 The Love of OBX
Ford, Baxter, Maggie
& Zach Matthews

(The Grays)
Jay Mary Heather Crystal
Sutherland, VA


In Loving Memory
Andrew W. Swain Jr.
1/06/1947 - 2/03/2012

In Memory of
Brandon Armstrong

Nags Head Forever
Frank and Nemie Winslow
Kemp and Maud Battle

Rodney, Andrea,
Patrick and Delaney James
Asheville & OBX, N.C.

Larry, Barbara,
Caitlin and Erin Williams
Asheville, N.C.

Linwood & Pauline
Moseberth's Chicken
Portsmouth, VA

In Memory Of
James Franklin Harris

The Harringtons
Duck, NC
"Grouper Therapy"

In Loving Memory
of Bettye and Dick Hurdle

In Loving Memory
of Jean and Emmett Crouch

The Welding Shop